Loni Anderson plastic surgery

Loni Anderson Before and After photos

Loni Wanted Her Wrinkles Goni

Actress Loni Anderson, mostly well known for her marriage to Burt Reynolds and she is also known for her marriage to Burt reynolds. No, Loni Anderson is a good actress and she is well known for her role as the sexy radio station receptionist in the kooky late 70’s sitcom “WKRP In Cincinatti” and also for being married to Burt Reynolds.
Loni was nothing short of stunning and she still is a nice looking woman but Loni Anderson plastic surgery was probably a good investment in order to keep stunning well into your twilight years.

“The theater is where I belonged; I simply wanted to be an actress my whole life.”

Now That’s a Beauty Queen

Born on August 5, 1946, in St. Paul, Minnesota. At at a very young age, Loni stood out for her beauty. In keeping with the tradition of her beauty, she was named Valentine Queen of her school’s winter formal.
In 1963, Anderson decided to attend the University of Minnesota to study art. She worked her way through college and at the age 18 she got married and a daughter would soon follow. During this time of adversity, Loni found a great interest in acting. Soon, she found herself working in theater and getting gigs in local commercials. in 1973 Loni got married again, this time around to an aspiring actor and in 1975 the ambitious couple decided to move away from Minnesota into the brighter lights of Los Angeles.
Early on in LA, she found supporting roles on “Three’s Company” and “The Bob Newhart Show”. In 1978, Loni got the biggest break of her life and it paid off when she landed the role of the sexpot receptionist in “WKRP In Cincinatti”, the role would earn her two Emmy nods and three Golden Globe nods.
In 1981, her marriage ended and in 1982 WKRP would be canceled but things would get a little better when she got a career defining role in the biopic of actress Jayne Mansfield. In 83’ while working on a television movie, she met actor Burt Reynolds. They would have a steamy courtship and five years later they would make it official to become Hollywood’s power couple.
Let the rumors begin, rumors?…really? Loni who? Anderson was known for her bombshell looks and she was considered a latter day pin-up, so when a woman like herself enters their seventies, getting cosmetic work is second nature and Loni is no exception.

No Quips About those Lips

When speculations surfaced, the most notable highlights were focused on her lips. Notes were made saying that her lips became robust and simply more beautiful overnight, Loni has always been famous for her lips which makes sense to notice that above others, after all it is a focal point for her. Also, her breast appear to be better proportioned now, visibly less sag in the cleavage.
Her prominent wrinkles were noticed to be visibly reduced, especially with her frown lines. Her nose, which has been previously under the knife back in the 80’s, has gotten a redux apparently and it is remarkably thinner and reshaped to compliment her age.
Loni’s face has taken on a more fit appearance and it seems to radiate with a beautiful, new youthful. Loni’s cheeks look more gaunt as well but they are gaunt in a more aesthetic, healthier way. She looks really beautiful still, compliments to the doc. Below are the suspected procedures that Loni had:

Under the Knife Points:

  • Botox lip injections or fillers
  • Facelift
  • Breast augmentation
  • Brow lift
  • Possible chemical peel

You Still Got It Girl

For a woman in her seventies, Loni has it going on. Judging by all the compliments and notes, it appears that Mrs. Anderson just still might have a pretty good fan base too. Whoever did the work knew what they were doing as there are no real evidence of scars or incident. Kudos! Loni Anderson plastic surgery is a total success.