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Kimora Lee Simmons Before and After Photos

Kimora The Explorer

She’s a bonafide business woman and she makes sure you know it too. Kimora Lee Simmons Is an ex -model, ex -wife of Def Jam co-founder Russell Simmons, fashion icon and the grand proprietor of Baby Phat Fashions. In Between these ventures, she has been a vital part of some of the most awe inspirational reality tv series on the planet, that may have likely had a part in altering the course of human history as we know it. At least that’s probably what she wants you to think. Kimora, it seems, is very fond of herself. We will get a sneak peek at her life, vanity rituals and all things…KImora Lee Simmons plastic surgery.

“I try not to be neurotic; I try to create and present healthy body image.”

Birth of Kimora the Great

On May 4, 1974 Kimora Lee Simmons was born in St. Louis, Missouri. She is half African-American and half Japanese. Her beauty was recognized at an early age, so at the age of 11, she was enrolled in a modeling class by her mother. Just a couple short years later, she was offered a lucrative modeling contract by Chanel. At 14, she was flown to Paris to work directly under celebrity chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld. Not too far into to her venture with Lagerfeld, Simmons befriended Model Tyra Banks, who was under a similar contract, together they dubbed themselves “The Four Karlettes”
After a runway show in New York City, 17 yr old Kimora Lee met 35 yr old, Russell Simmons, who was a successful music producer at Def Jam Records. The couple had an on-again-off-again-fling, but in 1998 they decided to make it official.
Just by coincidence, of course, Simmons fashion designing career began the same year as her marriage to Russell Simmons and with his creative insight, they forged what is now, Baby Phat clothing. Baby Phat’s concept is to take baby shirts and turn them into an adult womens clothing line. The company success had spawned further businesses together, companies like “Simmons Jewelry Company” and others. The lucrative cash that was made, helped her create and market her own line of perfumes.
Tragedy would break the sacred bond between Kimora and Russell and with that, the unforeseeable happened…they got divorced…in 2008, can you actually believe that? The world still mourns what could have been, a legacy of unparalleled love, which may have likely gone down in the history books in the same tradition as the likes of John and Jackie Kennedy.

Kimora and Her Journey To The Fountain of Youth

Kimora is a former fashion model, whose ticking clock of vanity has been quickly rounding the dial. When a beauty like Kimora’s faces therelentless threat of time, living in the spotlight and running lucrative businesses with links to entertainment, one must keep up with appearances and do all that is humanly possible to fight back and reverse the clock hand that wages against her.
Speculations soon would mount and several witnesses to a changed,”all new Kimora”, would see a woman who took the fate of her appearance into her own hands the way only she knows how…

Kimora Reverses The Hands of fate and Time

Plastic surgery rumors surrounding Kimora started out slow, but as words from the grapevine normally do, they quickly spread throughout the masses.
Kimora for certain, has a new look, there is no doubt about it. To begin her forehead has tightened to perfection. Prior, she had quite a bit of deep wrinkles mixed in with some fine lines, it would be an utter shock to find out she never got any sort of Botox injection, likely indeed.
Wrinkles from the general area surrounding her face has reduced dramatically. In the past, her skin also had a slight rough texture, due to past blemishes or possible elevated use of chemical beauty products, but her skin is transformed into a silky smooth and remarkably different texture.
A Rhinoplasty almost looks like a sure bet. Now it looks to be refined down, completely a compliment to an already perfect face.

Under the Knife Points:

  • Rhinoplasty
  • Facelift
  • Botox injection in forehead or Brow Lift
  • Chemical peel

The Golddiggers Now Have A Queen

Kimora Lee Simmons plastic surgery was actually a sight to behold in the variations from the befores and afters. The Unfortunate part is that names of the operating doctors are rarely mentioned, in this particular case, the results are so impressive that it would be nice to see the artist behind it. This we do know, money talks and Kimora can do a lot of talking. Many happy returns to a life of the rich and famous, Kimora….cheers girl.