Lynda Carter Plastic Surgery

Lynda Carter Before and After Photos

This wasn’t just your ordinary, run-of-the-mill, blue eyed beauty, she was the ever celebrated powerhouse, Wonder Woman and there is a lot to be said about that. Apparently however, once the cape was retired, it looked as if Lynda Carter was void of at least one of her wonders, mortality. Lynda Carter plastic surgery speaks the ideas of getting older and the hand of which you are dealt. What do you do? Let’s find out…

“You want to see women your own age in films.”

A Little Background

Born on July 24, 1951 in Phoenix, Arizona, Lynda Carter is an actress who was introduced into the business of show at the very young age of 3. Her debut was made on a televised talent show because Carter could sing, pretty darn well too. She was also a musician but she decided to take a different stage, because of her striking appearance, rather than her using musical abilities. It paid off handsomely because she moved up the entertainment ladder, eventually finding her way onto the classic television hit, “Wonder Woman,” which she would forever be associated with.

Carter has been relatively out of the spotlight for a while, she would appear on a few commercials and some television shows here and there but when there the speculation over whether or not she had resorted to plastic surgery to maintain that winning, beautiful face of hers, the truth was sought and with haste.

Not only is the media behind these rumors, so is her loyal fans, surprisingly. Her cult status, which had been obtained by such a noteable show, mainly for it’s timeliness and the camp value that it employed, looks to be why Carter’s story had so much value to it.

Fingers Pointed at the Superhero

Her looks no doubt kept fresh slowly with time but it was the latest sudden youthful turnaround that had the public interest within it’s grip. These days however, plastic surgery is on the upswing, so to zero in on Carter seemed a little harsh but the people wanted their superhero pure, of heart and intentions.

Carter is an ex beauty queen as well, winning the Miss. World USA crown in 1972, so when your world revolves around the appearance as it does for her, well it just is easy to reason with. The fans felt differently however and their numbers were multiplying by the day after the viral release of her before and after pics.

A Brand New Wonder Woman

Her before and afters showed a decent amount of detail and a sense as to why she was within public ridicules wicked game. It was clear, the overall aged look that Carter had slowly been acquiring turned fresh as a daisy and literally it seemed like it was overnight. The rumors are that she had gotten Botox and laser treatments, which by all accounts looks to be a reasonable assumption on each front.

The job at hand was done masterfully, skillfully and a keen awareness was obviously summoned when it came to her surgery. Her lips had the perfect shape, even though it was apparent she had Botox injections there, it was done in a flawless manner.

The last treatment looked to be done in the eyebrow region, the shape, tone and general appearance had changed all together. What the change brought on was a completely different look to her face, the simple adjustment at her brow area actually altered her entire face in a odd way but beautiful still.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Botox Injections
  • Laser Surgery

Wondering Out Loud

Lynda Carter plastic surgery was a beautiful and stellar work of art, even though she has denied claims and the identity of the surgeon were never released, a big props to the individual behind the knife. Wonder Woman lives to fight another day.