Lauren Koslow Plastic Surgery

Lauren Koslow Before and After Photos

On March the 9th, 1953, in Boston, Mass, Lauren Koslow was born. She is one of the grand stars of the soap opera stage, and it is her star which shines as one of the brightest. Her raw talent and striking beauty has garnered a large sum of fans throughout the world. Her talent was honed in the early days of her life, in the theater and also she worked her immaculate eye for detail in the wardrobe dept. Her acting began as far back as the 1970’s and during which that time proved her to be a pivotal piece of highly talented touring theater group. In the mid-1980’s she found herself on television, which eventually led to her breakthrough and defining role, Lindsey Wells on “The Young and the Restless.” Lauren Koslow plastic surgery is in regards to the explosion of speculation which got her attention like a backdraft in a five alarm Arizona fire. This story will be told, including all the details that surround the look of her new plastic surgery work.

A Little Backstory

Lets face it, at 62 years old, lauren Koswell looks like something not of this earth, her skin appears as if it should belong to a 30 year old. She still looks very much young and she really exudes a radiance of pure magnitude. The fresh look of this 62 year old woman though, is capturing the intrigue of a lot of different people throughout the entertainment community, fans and the masters of gossip everywhere. There is no comprehension how a woman can look as stunning and as sexy as Lauren Koslow given the elevated stage of her life but she certainly is doing it, with a bit of zip on top of it.

There really doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of resources on the entire earth which has the capability to boost Koslow’s perpetual youthful glow and vitality like cosmetic surgery. There have been speculations and ton of rumors, sticking poor Koslow at the brunt of the accusations and yet she has never said any word to dissuade these rumors, even when a microphone had been shoved in her face. In the light of her silence, the evidence couldn’t be more obvious, due to the various significant changes of her appearance.

The Procedures

Pictures say it all, just by a simple glance at her before and afters, you can see a tight, smooth face, free of the usual signals of age. It can be easily assumed that she underwent Botox injections, because her lips now show off a plumpness and and a juiciness which were never there before. The result reveals an added element of beauty which is a tough thing to accomplish.

The next procedure suspected is a Rhinoplasty. The edging around her nose looks as if it might have been sunken in a tad, giving the nose more of a finer appearance. As the edging of the nose curves its way to the base of the nostrils, there is a thinning in that region which bodes very well with new softer theme that she has working for her.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Botox Injections
  • Rhinoplasty

Lauren’s Got a Brand New Youth

Lauren Koslow plastic surgery has taken a woman who was on the verge of losing her quality youthful looks for good and it recaptured it’s full essence at the nick of time.The surgeon who did this refined work should no doubt be lauded and gain a good element of acclaim only shared with few. Very special work indeed. If only surgeons like that were in more of an abundance, we would be continuing to spectate masterworks like that on more of a regular basis.