Lee Grant Plastic Surgery

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Lee Grant Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Lee Grant is an actress that not only is talented and beautiful but she is also one who has acquired the notion of an icon status overtime. Her films like “In the heat of the Night” and “Shampoo” were mega-hits at the box office which had culminated into her receiving a Best Supporting Actress award at the Oscars. Grant apparently looks like a woman who is in her twilight years, trying to hold onto that icon status and the assets which had made her so famous.  This is not surprising as her dynamic personality is a contribution, additionally there seems to be some cosmetic procedures performed to keep her vitality intact. Lee Grant’s plastic surgery is about an aging actress who is doing what she can to stay youthful and remain in the spotlight.

What is amazing is that Grant is an astounding 88 years old, and it would seem that she would be likely too old to undergo anything like a facial reconstruction, but it appears as if that might just be the case. Grant has apparently retained cosmetic operations for several years now and this has been one of the focal points as to why she has kept her vibrancy as long as she has.

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Signs of a Facial Reconstruction

Some recent pictures were released online that show Grant, out and about at a function, presenting a significantly puffy face, which is the tell-tell sign of a likely facial reconstruction. There is always a possibility that it could be due to a medical condition but knowing Grant’s long history of plastic surgery, coupled with these latest rumors, you simply would assume that she had more than likely acquired a facial reconstruction. At the very least, however, she might have undergone a botox treatment in her face, but a facelift appears to be the likely culprit.

Some pictures that are even more recent than the aforementioned ones, show Grant’s face appearing more healed and revealing skin that is ultra-smooth and very youthful. Her skin hasn’t looked that youthful in years, so this last particular surgery appears to have likely been considerably more extensive than some of the procedures in the past.

Too Many facelifts

Her face really has maybe recieved a few too many facial reconstructions, so even though she does present a much more youthful appearance than how other women in her age group would look, it also looks like she has maybe seen a few too many procedures.

Even though her skin is super smooth and youthful, her face as a whole really gives off a significantly unnatural appearance that some, if not many, would find as attractive. Many have been citing that her surgery was botched, but if you really take a good enough gander at her, that would assumably be a little strong of a judgment, in regards to her current facial appearance.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Facial Reconstruction

She Needs to Cool Off on the Procedures

The story of Lee Grant’s plastic surgery simply regards a woman who is having a terribly tough time letting go of her youth and vitality. This would be an ideal time for her to cool off on cosmetic surgeries because, just judging by the state of her skin, any more surgeries could do a lot of damage simply because it is just too much and she is just too old.



  1. There is definitely such a thing as too many cosmetic procedures. I know she is trying to maintain a youthful look, but I think she would look much better with her natural features. Thanks for sharing!

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