Vera Farmiga Plastic Surgery

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Vera Farmiga Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Even though with the naked eye, it looks pretty obvious that Vera Farmiga’s plastic surgery did take place, the actress of such films as “The Departed” and “Return to Paradise” completely denies these rumors. She has stated that if there is one thing that she is not afraid of, getting older is one of them. Regardless of her denials, the speculations over her supposed plastic surgery continue to accumulate.

“I’ve never graced the cover of a fashion magazine.”

Natural Beauty Disappearing

Several of the people who believe that she had acquired plastic surgery also believe that the work she had done was done very well and it looks good on her. The only real issue people have been having is that the natural beauty she is well known for has disappeared.

In Farmigas case, it really does seem like their are some advantages and some disadvantages to her rumored surgery. It is a shame that her natural beauty has subsided and her looks have really seemed to change as a consequence to the surgery. Her face looks so entirely different since the days when she was starting out, but even with that reality, she still looks really good.

Out of the suspected procedures, botox, appears to be one of them. Botox is one of the most sought after procedures in Hollywood by women and out of all the changes Farmiga appears to have had, it is the one which stands out the most. The botox has enlightened her skin with an incredible youthfulness and a vibrancy that, even though is not natural, it still looks good on her. As good as it appears, it kind of adds a little bit of a rigid and frozen aspect that is a little tough to ignore.

Raised and Plump Cheeks

Another one of the speculated procedures is cheek implants and those speculations seem warranted because she does have a certain protruding quality in her cheeks that is very synthetic. Her cheeks definitely used to show what you would have to call a bit of a hollowness that is currently not present. They look raised and plump now, which for an actress is really rather an odd choice, considering that so many would rather have the sunken, tone look that several find to be desirable.

The next suspected procedure is a nose job. Many believe this because her nose has a newly acquired pinched look to it. It also looks to be considerably more slimmer and straightened and the dorsum really appears to be more defined than it ever has before. If you take a gander at her before and after pics, you would notice that her nostrils look significantly smoother and more enclosed than the way they used to in the past.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Botox
  • Cheek Implants
  • Nose Job

Good Work

Vera Farmiga’s plastic surgery looks to be the real deal even though she has firmly denied it. The work done looks like it had been accomplished in a professional manner and done rather well. Vera should be happy with what was done and her fans should not be too upset with the final outcome.