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Angela Bassett Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Considered one of the greatest actresses of her generation, Angela Bassett has become synonymous with wonderful performances and a beauty which rates second to none. Her performance as Tina Turner in the hit biopic, “What’s Love Got to Do with It”, turned heads and eventually won her an Academy Award for Best Actress. It was from there that her career took off and created this A-list stunner we know today. Lately, the news surrounding her career has shifted to Angela Bassett’s plastic surgery and judging by the looks of it, the story appears to look factual as of now.

It’s no joke that Angela Bassett is one gorgeous woman and in absolute phenomenal shape and even at the age of 57, she has maintained the perfect vibrance of youth. Several folks out there believe that Basset has maintained her young, beautiful appearance through the help of a hotshot Tinseltown cosmetic surgeon, could it be true?

“Drink a bunch of water and get facials regularly. I take care of my skin.”


Looks Like Botox

Her recently released before and after pics hit the web in a flurry, and when the eyes of the public first gazed upon them they were quickly divided as to whether or not she underwent any sort of procedures. As it stands, if one particular procedure stands out as being factual, botox injections is one which appears to be most logical.

Even though sometimes when botox is injected properly, it is truly a tough task to tell where it has been utilized, especially on a flawless and perfectly structured face as Basset. Many of the so-called trained eyes have stated that it appears as if the talented beauty had received injections in her brow region and within perfect close radius of her eyes. It reveals a natural radiance which slowly but surely has slipped away in time but when you consider the fact that she is pushing 60, that isn’t very much to slip away.

Obvious Fantastic Surgeon Employed at the Fronts

Just looking at the incredibly balanced tone of her skin, along with the obvious disappearance of wrinkles throughout her face, plus how professionally the botox was injected in just the right areas, says a lot about her surgeon. It is a work to be proud of and if there is any actress within the realm of Tinseltown who can wear it proud, you got your answer.

Angela Bassett has the kind of face which will compete even with the youngest of starlets.  She has defied age with a little bit of botox for certain, but look at how much age she has staved-off with just good genes, exercise and a fantastic diet. Adding those elements together you have not only one special and unique looking lass but one with an unreal amount of talent which has not been captured since she graced the silver screen for the first time.

Speculated Procedures:

  • Botox Injections


Angela Bassett’s plastic surgery is unique because of how untouched her facial skin appears, but just by realizing what little it has taken to make certain the Hollywood hottie stays fit and beautiful at 57, it is just amazing. Here is to another chapter of what we can expect to be a remarkable second-half of her career and you can count on that.