John Rzeznik Plastic Surgery

John Rzeznik Before and After photos

A Boy Named Goo, Who Never Wanted To Grow Up

Along with a few other alternative rock bands of the 90’s, the Goo Goo Dolls transcends as the face of one that enjoyed the fruits of commercial success and all the high’s of fame. They scored a perch on top of the billboards for a good number of years with a long, illustrious string of hits that included the number one hit song “Iris” off of the soundtrack to the blockbuster hit film “City of Angels”. Goo Goo Dolls were a face of the 90’s but lead singer John Rzeznik plastic surgery decided that he wanted that face to remain in the 90’s and when a rock god enters the dimming light of his 50’s, he starts looking up to the top of the world on which he used to stand, guess you really can’t blame him.

“You know how neurotic I am? I’m the only guy in the world who has a self-help tattoo.”

The Birth of Goo

Singer-songwriter Rzeznikwas born Dec. 5, 1965 in Buffalo, New York to a bar owner and a postal clerk. A tough hand was dealt when the sudden passing of his father and mother occurred only a year apart of each other, both to natural but sudden causes. During his high school years he was raised by his four sisters. He attended college for a while but soon dropped out to form the band that was to be the trademark of his identity “Goo Goo Dolls”.  The band was a touring beast in the club and bar scenes and with this rigorous work ethic and the popularity which ensued, led to a deal with Metal Blade Records, for whom would be the factory to churned out their biggest hits.
The “Dolls” became a mega-success of the 90’s, sold out tours and big record sales sealed their place in rock n’ roll history, making John a mainstay in the hearts of fangirls all across the world. He became coverboy for countless magazines from Rolling Stone to Spin, his face everywhere at all times.

Think Only Happy Thoughts

When you are John Rzeznik and you spend a life of rock n’ royalty ,it would be hard to deny the Peter Pan in us and the “The boy who never wanted to grow up”. The other side of the coin is this; for every boy that never wanted to grow up; for every Peter Pan, there has to be a dark side, an evil. In this particular case the evil came in the form of a surgical knife. On the other side of the surgical knife was John’s very own personal, Captain Hook.
John hasn’t confessed anything but he’s gotten used to denying questions about any cosmetic changes , but the simplest of mind can easily speculate that there was likely few or even a series of surgeries that he took part to reclaim his cover boy past and adopt that young and fresh look of his glory days.. Unfortunately for rock star, the results of the knife were very disappointing.

Can the real Peter Pan Please Stand Up?

A comparing his before and after photo’s, the evidence that Rzeznik had undergone major facial transformations is of the utmost obvious. Starter’s his nose has a much trimmer look, his face and forehead have been tightened like a leather of the finest grade and he is completely void of wrinkles with a smooth look of, dare we say “plastic”. He basically looks unnatural and he wouldn’t be the first but it seriously looks like there might have been a possible stipulation made to his surgeon of the importance to resemble Michael Jackson or no deal? Maybe an ode to a fellow fallen Peter Pan?

Nitty Gritty Plastic Surgery Fun Fact Sheet

  • Rhinoplasty
  • Brow Lift
  • Rhytidectomy
  • Botox treatments

Finding Neverland

The urge to stay young isn’t a far off idea or one that would insist debating or question an individuals sanity, it is actually quite normal to feel that need. Needing and doing are two opposite things. Every one of us at some point or even currently for some, have our own personal Neverland’s. Not the one with carnival rides that was overseen by an eccentric billionaire but a place deep in our minds reserved for escape purposes, an oasis. Rzeznik sought his Neverland by an attempt to recapture the face of a boy who rose among the thousands of roaring voices and claps with him in mind.
Go out and find your Neverland, recapture that prose and feeling of ecstasy millions want and envy. For John Rzeznik plastic surgery however, when a mans need to tread back to his Neverland becomes so strong and urgent, the consequences are always waiting and sometimes race through the roughest of waters to find you. Hook is always waiting for pan, this time with a surgeon’s knife in hand.