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Kenny Rogers Before and After Photos

The Gambler of Youth

Country legend. The gambler. Swag, and the proprietor one one of the best chicken food chains in the history of our world. You know exactly who he is, the king of country cool, the greatest ever…Kenny Rogers. It seems that ol’ Kenny had himself a tussle with the knife and Kenny Rogers plastic surgery aims to give you the best inside look at when an aging country music star realizes it may be time to make the change, to stare age down and make a break back to his youth. Just how much so? let’s take a look at this good ol boy and find out for ourselves.

“Don’t be afraid to give up the good for the great.”

A Little bio of Sorts

Born on August 21, 1938, in Houston, Texas. Kenny Rogers grew up poor with his parents and six siblings in a federal housing project. Early on, Kenny was well aware that he had a destiny waiting for him in music. He bought himself a guitar and started a band called “The Scholars” and the band with it’s rock-a-billy sounds had a few hits .
He would soon move on to the band “First Edition” and they would score a few hits with their folk-rock sound. Deep down though, Kenny knew that something didn’t feel right,like there was something missing, a void. Through a week of intense night sweats that felt like an eternity, he woke up abruptly in the early hours of the morning, then his conscience exploded and then cleared with the answer to that nagging feeling that rendered him restless…country….country music was the answer.
He welcomed country music with a new found glory, and by all means country music welcomed Kenny with open arms, He went on to record a list of hits including “The Gambler”, starred in quite a few movies, TV shows and he would also become a concert favorite for many years. His face would always be recognized by the genre of music that saved his soul, because he, with his grace and talent, saved the heart of country music.

Kenny Looking for the Road to Eternity

Out all people in show business to lose the battle with the knife, no one would ever have guessed it would be “The Gambler” himself and the rumor mill took it right to the bank. Rogers had a clear case of a botched plastic surgery that just can’t be concealed no matter what you do, it’s that bad. Kenny gambled against the knife…and lost, hands down, K.O.
Where do you begin, well. his eyes are a great place to start. At first glance, you can;t help but see it. Pop-eyed, tight and downright strange, Kenny suffered fail number one with the knife. Just by looking at him, it actually leaves you feeling uncomfortable and rather sad for the guy.
Then next comes the facelift, wow, unreal looking, no, seriously unreal as in not human. Tight, shiny, almost red and pulled back, it really is a travesty, poor Kenny.
Next on this smorgis board of failure comes the forhead. His forehead really stands out because of the combination with his eyes. That stretched, leather appeal that he is rockin’ really becomes highlighted when your eyes look like he just drank 10 pots of coffee before hand, and the Cheesy Kenny Rogers hairdo to accent his majesty of swag. You know that he would do anything to have that one back.

Under the knife Points: The Plastic Surgery Procedure Sheet

  • Blepharoplasty
  • Brow Lift
  • Facial Reconstruction

Hail to the Roaster of Chicken

Rogers eventually decided to talk to the media about his current batch of botch and for the most part he has kept a great attitude. He has said things along the lines of there is nothing he can do and it is what it is, type of thing. Kenny Rogers plastic surgery was simply a lost cause but if it has anything to say it’s “Always make sure to pick the right surgeon kiddies.” Kenny, keep on truckin’ man, for all of us. You are the king of country cool and you are the gambler, no matter how freaked out you look, we know the genuine, gold record producing machine under that disguise.