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Kris Jenner Before and After Photos

Meet the Facelift’s

She is the matriarch of reality. Reality TV that is. We’re talkin’ bout KJ. The one true great thing, Kris Jenner. You may know her from such fine, creative and educational programming as “Meet the Kardashians”, but there is more than meets the eye to this gal…uh, maybe not.
Her daughter Kim Kardashian helped usher the family into the reality spotlight but Kris, being the motherly figure she is, assumed the lead. Kris Jenner plastic surgery tries to take a slice into this intricate plot of things, well…Kardashian.

“My job is to take my family’s 15 minutes of fame and turn it into 30.”


On November 5, 1955 in San diego, Kristy Houghton was born. Her parents split up when she was only seven, forcing her and her mother to move to Claremont, California.
When she was only 8, she discovered a cancerous tumor but luckily, the tumor never spread and she became cancer free and has remained so ever since.
Her Mother eventually married, a businessman (Kardashian thing) and they packed up the homestead and headed over yonder to Oxnard, Ca,
In ’78, Kris held onto tradition and married a prominent lawyer, Robert kardashian. They produced three daughters and a son but eventually parted ways in 1989.
Kris was a friend of Nicole Brown Simpson, who was slain in 1994 by O.J. Simpson and as luck would have it, her ex, Robert, became the lead prosecutor against simpson in his high profile case.
In ’91, she married the swagamuffin of cool, Bruce Jenner, who is a star ex-Olympian. She decided to play manager and take control of all the wonderful things Bruce, baby.
Together, with the kids, they created “Meet the Kardashians” and catapulted themselves into shame..sorry, fame. The show is still providing us with useful knowledge and it’s brought a fullness and happiness to the many people who needed them.

KJ Gettin’ Her Young On

Alright, hey….no lies here, Kris is a pretty fine looking’ woman, even at her age, stellar..rockin’. Surely, a Social socialite babe must have gotten a little, you know….
Speculations ran like the fires of a desert in a long drought and Kris was at the center of it, it was crazy but it had to come out. In order to insure the well being of humanity…it must come out into the open.
So, if you take a close gander at Kris, she is 69 and all but the woman doesn’t have a wrinkle in sight. Flawless, radiant and sparkly. Word from many valuable sorces is that Kris employed the Knife for an all out, no holds barred face lift.
It must be said that it looks pretty good, even but maybe a little tight towards the temple but scores are high for the lift.
Next, Kris had some revisions down on her neck. Looking at the before’s and after’s, she most certainly had the turkey neck rollin’ out. The work is A-1 once again.
Then, in order to fully morph into her daughter, she got some Botox on the rocks, giving way to a more fuller, Kardashian lips thing on the going’. Kris looks bomb.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Facial Reconstruction
  • Neck Firming Lift
  • Botox Injection

Kris’s Message to Young Woman

Kris Jenner plastic surgery has opened up new doorways for young woman all across the country. She has created an easy method for any and all woman to live out their dreams. Just be beautiful, marry a high profile lawyer, inherit his money, then birth a few vain daughters to join in the money pool. You see, that easy and she breaks it up into little parts so you can digest it. If we remain lucky, we will have a new fat contract on Meet the Kardashians, and have 10 more years of high quality TV. Be good everybody.



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