Kate Hudson plastic surgery

Kate Hudson Before and After Photos

The Fate of Kate

Kate Hudson is an American film star, while technically, age wise, is still in her prime, her career says something of the opposite. She is the daughter of the iconic, comedic actress Goldie Hawn, and although she bears Hawn’s resemblance and voice for that matter, her road to stardom wasn’t paved quite as strongly as her mother. Kate Hudson plastic surgery is a little story about a young women. struggling and doing all she can to match her mother’s prowess and acclaim, yet not quite grasping it. What must she do to join mother in the same ranks of greatness? Would going under the knife help? Maybe…let’s see for ourselves.

“Somebody can become a celebrity for being stupid. That is what it’s turned into.”


Born on April 19, 1979, in Los Angeles, California, Kate Hudson came into a situation of Hollywood royalty. Her mother is actress Goldie Hawn and her stepfather is none other than Snake Plissken himself, Kurt Russell.
At a relatively young age and with her beauty beginning to shine through, Kate decided to follow in her parents footsteps and walk the yellow brick road through Hollywood, the fastrack. Soon after finding an agent, Kate made her debut, on the small screen in a 1996 episode of “Party of Five”, and then she would find herself acting in a few lower budget type films, with fellow young actors like Christina Ricci, Casey Affleck and Paul Rudd.
When 2000 rolled around, Kate ended up getting a part in the film “Almost Famous”. On arrival, the movie appeared to be standard fare but critics were totally nuts about it and Hudson became a mega star overnight. At that point she wasn’t almost famous, that girl was bigtime famous.
The early 2000’s were huge for Kate, she starred with the likes of Mel Gibson, Heath Ledger and many other greats of the era. Kate still remains relevant, just not like those ye old Almost Famous days. She was in a couple high profile romances with Singer Chris Robinson and actor Owen Wilson, which enlightened her career a little as well.

Did Kate Become Knife Bait?

Word started spreading about Kate when they started noticing a swelling in the bosom area, quickly, almost overnight. The before and after photo’s do resemble at least a slight change, more curvy that’s for sure. Hudson did, however have a couple of children somewhat recently and if there is anything that increases the bosom naturally, that would certainly be voted in.
The public really is stepping out on this one, there has been a few allegations thrown Hudson’s way but she apparently isn’t talking. The thing about her particular case, is the look of her breast could go either way because they really do look natural but the proportions are so nicely shaped that they could also possibly, you know… the work of the knife.
Another speculation, and this one seems to be a little more certain is the possibility of a Rhinoplasty done on her nose. Nose moulding as we know has become very common place in Hollywood and it could be very likely that Kate may have gotten something done.
The shape has certainly changed, quite a bit actually. She always had, while not unattractive, a bulbous type of nose. The nasal passage of Kate looked kind of funny as well, almost too thick but now, the work that assumably got done looks pretty darn good. It is very fine, slender and it looks supple. Perfection as it would seem.
There has also been the Botox bomb being thrown around at Kate but it is a very hard call. Botox can be toughie to judge and Kate wouldn’t be the first. Her lips do look a little plumper but it is a hard call.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Rhinoplasty
  • Breast Augmentation
  • Botox (possibly)


Did the Knife and Kate share a date, It looks plausible for certain but Kate Hudson plastic surgery, despite what looks like some decent photo evidence, doesn’t quite give enough to make the call. The girl dreams the Goldie Hawn dream, but it is a hard one to imagine, touching the same stratosphere as her mother, you never know though, right? A girl can dream.