Kelly Lebrock Plastic Surgery

Kelly Lebrock Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Lebrock’s Plummeting Stock

In the 80’s, Kelly Lebrock was America’s “It” girl and the object of many men’s fantasies for a relatively short window of time. Films like “Weird Science” and especially “The Woman in Red”, were the type of fare that propped her up into the nose-bleeds of fame. The cult’s which were brewed by these and some of her other films is what made her instantly inserted her name during the conversations within the households of the everyman. The thing is though, what burns bright, fades just as fast and nowadays it looks as though Kelly Lebrock plastic surgery is what struggles to keep that name within the households of few.

“Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.”

According to a few relatively well-known plastic surgeons, it really looks as though Lebrock had definitely incorporated plastic surgery at some point in the last few years or maybe even less. The part of her face which really speaks volumes in regards to those particular speculations is her mouth. If one were to make a guess as to what procedure she might have had done it would have to be lip filler injections.

Laughable Lips?

Her luscious and pouty new set of lips is what stirs the inspiration behind the phenomenon of Angelina Jolie are those same type of lips but for Lebrock, the look just appears to be a little over-the-top. The shape of her lips simply cry out fake but they are not completely hideous, so anybody who considers himself a fan of that particular look may just appreciate them.

Another focal point of her face is in the region of her forehead, showing a tight, glossy and vital forehead which certainly begs the comparison to some of her earlier photos. The culprit of this born again forehead is likely Botox. The typical symptoms that are associated with the use of Botox is that quick, sudden change which reveals the absolute opposite of what it was previously. This one however, looks like a pretty decent job was performed.

Back from the Past

Usually the symptoms of regular Botox use essentially says that she could very well be a veteran of the pastime and judging by the general look of her face, it wouldn’t be a hard pressed guess. So it leads to the feeling of what a shame it is now that the great Kelly Lebrock finally resurfaces from her 80’s wonderland and comes back sporting looks as this is a little depressing to tell you the truth.

Her lips really do look a little overkill and it looks as if the Botox is already starting to turn. Her procedures though, are the kind that if she decided to recant on her visibly obvious cosmetic routine, the current result could be overturned with a little bit of time.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Lip Fillers
  • Botox

No More Mock for Lebrock

Kelly Lebrock plastic surgery took this past legend out of hiding just to be judged within that painful and all too real spotlight of Tinseltown. Sometimes or actually, most the time the groundhog immediately heads back to the dwellings from which it came and maybe for Lebrock, that kind of oasis likely made the very best of her situation. Comeback for Kelly?, likely no but it was good to catch up with our favorite Lady in Red.