Leah Miller Plastic Surgery

Leah Miller Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Speculations run amok with curiosity surrounding the suspicions that Leah Miller possibly had some major cosmetic procedures as of late. Recently some before and after pics made their way online which have strong implications that there is a chance of her acquiring a facelift and maybe a breast augmentation as well. So, what the fans really want to know is if there really is a chance that Leah Miller plastic surgery really did happen? Lets go and see if we can get some concrete information.

Some of the real signs of the facelift present the notion that her face gives off a really puffy appearance. Also, it just shares that classic look and the obvious tell-tell signs of a facial reconstruction.


There are countless fans and even some of the general public that are speculating the possibility. Many of them are casually curious but some are just simply dying to know if she had indeed partook in the temptations of the surgeons knife.

She is the used to be the VJ of Canada’s very own televised talent show, “So You Think You Can Dance?” and now she is a host on Canada’s E! show. It happened to be that some of the recent episodes of the E! program had people wondering over the nature of her sudden change in appearance.

Miller is a relatively young gal and she is also a pretty nice looking woman so it begs the question why would an attractive, younger woman really need with such a drastic change regarding the elements of her face.

Comparing the Past and the Now

Several fans have taken to the internet to really examine some of her past photos and even some as early as when she had arrived on the entertainment circuit. What they are left with is a bewilderment of why, what and how in the world could she have done such a number to the look of her face. They find it just way too hard to believe that these changes upon her face were done under natural circumstances.

Her face looks in a way, muddled and that youthful vibrancy and radiance that she once possessed has completely flown out the window in quite the hurry. The look is tight, uneven and just not the way it should appear. Her breast also look like they may have been tampered with, simply due to an increased size that was never present prior. They look more perkier and more propped up than what a pushup bra could ever pull off. So the possibility of a breast augmentation looks relatively worthy.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Facial Reconstruction
  • Breast Augmentation

Hopefully She Can Reverse the Damage

So, Miller doesn’t have what you would label tragic results but they certainly don’t present the type of results that would say quality either. What is tragic is when an individual simply wants to do a few slight changes and what then something happens to go wrong and then they walk out of the clinic with a look that is far worse than what they had when they walked in. Hopefully, Leah Miller plastic surgery can be reversed and preserve her beauty the best that she can.