Katty Kay Plastic Surgery

Last Modified on:  May 24, 2017 @ 3:42 pm

Katty Kay Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Katty Kay is most certainly a highly-regarded and an undeniably talented English journalist, but as of late, those who follow the lives of the famous have been focused on Katty Kay plastic surgery. One reason is, although she has been a fixture in media for a countless number of years, and is within the grips of her fifties, Kay still remains unusually young for her age.

When you look at her current pictures, she looks like a women who could very well be in her late thirties, definitely not in her fifties. Some out there have mentioned that Katy is a woman who is strangely obsessed with plastic surgery, almost bordering on an addiction, but until the facts arrive, you just never know.

Sipping from the Fountain of Youth?

A plastic surgery addiction is something that people should just flat-out not pursue or even contemplate but she is at middle-age and constantly in the public eye. The integrity of her skin and it’s tone have always possessed a particular glow of youth but currently she looks like she bought herself a round from the fountain of youth.

Some of her recent photo’s, specifically created to represent her possible cosmetic endeavors show her facial skin bearing somewhat of a waxy appearance. This is being regarded as the obvious result of a post surgery face. Facial reconstruction looks like a pretty guaranteed reality, and another procedure which has recently entered the conversation is botox injections. Katty Kay’s plastic surgery, as a whole, truly looks like it did transpire and as far as the work is concerned, it looks like she received adequate quality.

Botox Falls Short of Standard

If you were to get nit-picky on the outcome of her supposed (however likely) plastic surgery outing, you would more than likely focus on what looks to be sub-par botox injections. Nowadays, surgeons can inject botox in such a way that it comes off looking very natural, while perfectly enhancing the area of focus.

Katty Kay probably wanted to go in the direction of botox fillers, in order to eliminate the best she can, the soggy/sunken eye look. Even in the region of her chin, it looks as though she may have received injections. But, when rumors befall a particular celebrity, the story can multiply in the perception of the crowd to a level where it seems as if they had work everywhere. So, Kay did receive some quality work for certain, but it wasn’t without noticeable flaws. If you have seen some plastic surgery disasters, a few flaws can be dealt with, resulting in no issues whatsoever.

Speculated Procedures:

  • Facial Reconstruction
  • Botox Injections (eye and chin Region)

Everything Looks O-Kay

Katty Kay’s plastic surgery, while not particularly bad or incredibly masterful, will not affect her fruitful career as one of the UK’s top journalists. Is she falling into a vicious cycle of plastic surgery addiction?  Only time will tell. She has been treated relatively casually regarding her possible cosmetic procedures and as the story slowly ages, that stance hasn’t budged one bit. Here is to more great years of her broad mind and justified opinions and a face which refuses to wither.