Kathy Griffin Plastic Surgery

Last Modified on:  May 24, 2017 @ 3:42 pm

Kathy Griffin Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

It is no surprise to say that the undeniable allure of plastic surgery is a tough thing to ignore. This is especially the case with funnywoman Kathy Griffin, a woman who has had such a great deal of plastic surgery that even if she tried to deny its actuality, she couldn’t get away with it very long. It doesn’t really matter though, because Kathy Griffin’s extreme plastic surgery is something that the comedian herself has never even tried to deny in the first place.

“I’m on every worst-dressed list imaginable.”

Speculations or not, Griffin needs no introduction in regards to a celebrity’s favorite youth-dodging pastime. On the same note though, you simply can’t forget how talented of a comedian that Griffin is, and it is her type of confidence which helps her do what she does best; make the people laugh and laugh hard. There isn’t many female comedians that are as entertaining as Kathy, that is for certain.

Rhinoplasty, Liposuction and a Brow Lift.

Regardless though, her various changes in appearances throughout the years is tough to ignore and she has come out and specifically stated that she did in fact receive a rhinoplasty, liposuction and a brow lift.

The before and after’s surrounding Kathy Griffin plastic surgery hit the web almost immediately after they were conceived. The rhinoplasty she had done is relatively easy to spot, there are noticeable changes in the overall size and especially in the bridge and nostril region.

Great Rhinoplasty

The size of her nose just looks smaller in general but much of that has to do with how lean and narrow her bridge looks. When the bridge touches down to the nostril area, you can see where the tiny stature of her nose can be truly seen for what it is. Good work done here, showing that the surgeon knew exactly what they were doing and the finesse in which they maintained through its duration.

Griffin’s liposuction is somewhat obvious because even though she has always had a slight build, you could tell that she more than likely had a little bit of ponch. In her latest pics, you can see a body that is much more svelte than it has ever been since she has been in the limelight. She looks very good and even sexy but what is so great is that Griffin has not loosened up on her trademark humor and her perpetual need to belittle herself for our enjoyment.

Her browlift was minor, simply revealing a much tighter and ageless forehead, vibrant as if she was fresh into her early twenties. Her cosmetic surgeon, even though they still go unnamed, did a heck of a standup job and deserves commendable work to not go unnoticed.

Speculated Procedures:

  • Rhinoplasty
  • Liposuction
  • Browlift

Great Work for a Great Comedian

Kathy Griffin plastic surgery was a great success and it couldn’t have been done to a woman who deserves a better job more than this great comedian herself. If there are any celebrities who are on the market for great cosmetic work, they need to ask Miss. Griffin first because she can tell you exactly where to go.