Kathie Lee Gifford plastic surgery

Kathie Lee Gifford Before and after Photos

A Second Chance To “Live!”

Kathie Lee Gifford plastic surgery is the the moment in time when a world famous daytime talk show host decides to meet up with the knife, to re-create or at least in hopes of re-creating a face that once represented a more magical time in her life, a past and a vision of her youth. Plastic surgery can either bend or break. In Miss. Gifford’s hand lies is a coin, as she tosses the coin in the air, how will it fall, heads or tails? better yet, will she gain beauty or live as a scarred tragedy based on one simple mistake, we shall see.

“We’re imperfect people trapped in an imperfect world until we get to that place beyond.”

Birth of Little Miss. Chatterbox

Born in august of 1953. Giffords father was a Navy Chief Commander and her mother was an aspiring singer. Her father was stationed in France at the time of her birth. Gifford had a very nice, common upbringing, growing up in Bowie, MD. During her years in high school, Kathie decided to follow in her mothers footsteps and become a singer. She then formed a folk band and they would play school assemblies and other local happenings.
With her performing aspirations in tow, Gifford took up university in Oklahoma to study music and the dramatic arts. After college she would become the babysitter of well-known singer named Anita Bryant and at this same time she then landed a vocalist job on a well known variety show. Later that year she got to join the cast of “Hee Haw Honeys”for it’s one and only season.

In 1983, Gifford met future and current husband, sports figure Frank Gifford. Life was going well for Mrs.Gifford but it got even better when the opportunity of a lifetime arrived by joining Regis Philbin on the newly formed daytime talk show “Live!”. The shows success was immediate and the shows popularity had created a longevity that lasted for 15 years. Philbin retired in 2000 and left the show to Gifford, which it still airs in the same time slot as the original.
That Longevity of success she had shared with Philbin may have played the catalyst in a decision process in a planned meeting with the surgical wonder himself…The knife.

Under The Knife Talk

Rumors of Gifford’s plastic surgery endeavors began when the public started to notice a more intense then unusual shine to her skin. Her nosed appeared to be noticeably finer than normal with a distinct upward point. The skin on her face and cheeks looked almost miraculous with the varied change in wrinkles, giving off a firm, younger and fresher face.
Another good point that a few fans and other individuals pointed out, is that regardless of any persons healthy lifestyle, to look as young as Gifford just isn’t realistic without the assistance of a cosmetic helping hand. What likely culprit procedures did Mrs. Gifford utilize to quench her thirst for eternal youth? Let’s look:

The Knife Points – Nitty Gritty Plastic Surgery Procedure

  • Botox injection
  • Rhinoplasty
  •  Facelift
  • Cheek Augmentation

A Dance With Chance

One item that is commendable on the part of Kathie Lee Gifford is, without any hesitation, fessed up to the nature and reality surrounding her date with the Knife. One thing a little strange though, is the lack of admitting a facelift and if anything, a facelift is more apparent in the newly renovated Look of Gifford. Her face literally screams out cosmetic happenings and knife indiscretions.
When the precision of a highly skilled and highly educated artist still leaves a trace of the fact, that is all we really need to go on.

Truth be told, all in all ,Kathy Lee Gifford plastic surgery was a triumph. The work was perfect, as good as it can get anyway.
The tossed coined that met the air from Mrs. Giffords hand lightly plummeted it’s way back to earth, back from which it came. When the waltz with the knife is danced, so is this game of chance. So the knife was beaen and her second chance was earned. What will Kathy Lee do with her new lease on youth, as always time will reveal.