Julia Louis-Dreyfus plastic surgery

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Before and after Photos

To Be Botox Or Not To Be Botox

No matter what the woman does or what she will ever do, the world will always have her as their sweet Elaine. Julia Louis-Dreyfus created that namesake in one of the most popular sitcoms the world has ever seen “Seinfeld”. One of finest moments came in an episode of Seinfeld when she revealed her crazy dance. Her style of dance was so embarrassingly bad but in her mind it was the real deal, that’s what made it great. Julia Louis-Dreyfus plastic surgery may just be a different kind of embarrassing but if we know our Elaine, she may just pull it off.

 “Everybody seems to know me. It’s very strange.”

Elaine is Born

On January 13, 1961, Julia Louise-Dreyfus was born in New York City to a family of highly sufficient means, we’re talking billionaire. At Northwestern University she studied drama and soon began acting in Chicago’s Practical Theater Co. where she performed with the world renowned Second City Comedy Troupe. She moved to New York shortly after where she got cast to be on the great “Saturday Night Live” for the following two years.
1986 saw Louise-Dreyfus getting a huge break into the biz by being cast in the Woody Allen flick “Hannah and Her Sisters”. What was soon to follow was the creation of her television identity.


In 1989 Dreyfus got the break of a lifetime when she was cast in Seinfeld. Over the next 9 years the show would be television gold and it would set the new gold standard. Through the power of character she created with Elaine,1993 saw Dreyfus awarded with a Golden Globe and in 1996 she won an Emmy. Life was certainly looking good.
Rumors have been flying around for some time on the status of Julia Louis-Dreyfus plastic surgery. For the most part there isn’t much of a divide of opinion as the going thoughts are in favor of Dreyfus not having anything cosmetically enhanced. There are a few doctors out there who seem pretty gung ho on the idea that she may have likely gotten Botox injections but, you know.

A Most Celestial Rhinoplasty

Also winding in the rumor mill is a possible Rhinoplasty as there have been a ton of comments about the changing look of her nose, noting that it has become a lot finer thinner. One thing is for sure, Julia whole heartedly denies plastic surgery and she really doesn’t much evidence pointing in the other direction. She has said that het goal would be to follow in her mother’s footsteps, who of which remained attractive, healthy and youthful for a great portion of her life. If Julia did in fact get any work done, these would be the likely suspect procedures:


  • Rhinoplasty
  • Botox lip injections
  • Possible chemical peel

Give the Poor Girl a Break

So, with all reasoning on board, signs would most point in the direction of Julia Louis-Dreyfus plastic surgery being on the same level as say, the tooth fairy or Santa Clause, well, maybe not that extreme but it looks like maybe the towns folk should give the poor girl a break.If you look at pictures of Julia, it seems pretty plain that no real structural tampering took place. It’s only Elaine Guys.