Mariska Hargitay plastic surgery

Mariska Hargitay Before and after Photos

Mariska Hargitay is a popular American actress and former beauty queen. The daughter of Movie star Jayne Mansfield actor Mickey Hargitay. And she has appeared in numerous TV series in the late 1980s and the 90s, including “Downtown”, a long standing show in the 1990s. Her movie debut was in the Horror-comedy movie “Ghoulies” in the year 1985.
However she is best known for her role in the series, “Law and Order”, where she starred as Detective Olivia. This role made a name for her as the star actress, winning her multiple awards as well nominations, including the Golden Globe award and the Emmy Movie awards.
Hargitay is married to actor Peter Herman, with whom she has two children. One of the children is adopted.

“You’ve got to kick fear to the side, because the payoff is huge.”

Plastic Surgery Speculation

In recent times, Mariska has attracted a lot of attention from celebrity observers. And this attention has little to do with her achievements or her roles in any films. It is about growing suspicion that she might have gone under the knife to keep her from ageing. At 50, she looks quite young; and according to observers, not very naturally so. Her face seems to have transformed drastically these days, and speculation is rife that she may have used the help of “anti-ageing agents”.

Mariska’s Chin Augmentation

Experts on the subject have suggested that Mariska seems to have done something on her Jaws. Possibly, it might be a chin augmentation. A chin augmentation is an operation made to lift someone’s chin, or at least to reshape the chin, in order to achieve a different face shape. Apparently, the Hollywood definition of a beautiful face seems to be a long oval shaped face. Botox is the other operation she might have had performed on her, presumably to smooth out the lines of ageing on her face and to do away with wrinkles.
And that is just as far as the rumors go. Nothing else has been suggested as a possible surgery that she might have gone through. This sounds very modest, considering that these days; celebrities are known to do up to five or more cosmetic surgery procedures.

No Confessions from Mariska

Mariska has not made any confessions about plastic surgery, but her opinion seems to be that there is nothing wrong with it at all “as long as it makes a woman feel good.” She has said, however, that the natural look is always the best. She said she is a bit scared of ageing, and the wrinkles, but that she is grateful for a lot other good things in her life, including her children and her husband.
Some pundits are not buying that, however. Guys have insisted that she is not being open about her plastic surgery, and she doesn’t want to come out clear.

Mariska Hargitay Plastic Surgery Results

The change is Mariska’s look is such that her face looks more oval. Mariska’s face-shape before seemed to take a rather round shape, with a smaller chin. Now her chin is longer and more pronounced, and her face looks more expressive. Although she looks a bit unusual, it is fair to say that Mariska does look a lot younger and more beautiful than she did a few years ago. Nonetheless, there is no question about her natural beauty, the pretty face that we were used to in “Law and Order”. Comparisons are varied, but one thing is clear: If she really went “under the knife”, then it worked well for her.




  1. I do agree with that Mariska doesn’t look 51 at all she looks about 30 to 40 years old NOT 51 at all.I never new that Mariska got plastic surgery on her face.But the most important thing is knowing that Mariska is beautiful,but that her husband loves her for her not what she looks like.Or what Mariska wares.Or rating Mariska for what she wares or her stile.What’s really about her is the person that is inside.Not the out side that counts the inside that counts.That’s what really madders. From her fain Brianna Krzyzykowski.

  2. Mariska does not look 51 at all she looks about 30-40 years old.She looks really 30-40 years old to me.Some peopl are really worried about what they look like.Its not about the ratings about what they ware or what their face looks like.What really matters it that her husband loves her for her not how she wakes up and what she looks like.Mariskas husband says “You look pretty no matter what people thinks.”Because Mariskas husband nows the reall her Because he lives with her.So if you bully her because she’s 51 years old you better back off because I watch law and order svu I bett that she can beat the poop out of you so I would BACK RIGHT OFF IF I WERE YOU!

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