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Kate Gosselin Before and After Photos

Kate Plus Fate

A living spoof, oh yes indeed. She is the reason that we continue to flip through the channels when a highly unnecessary reality television program makes their way directly after something that was actually enjoyed. That friends, is Kate Gosselin. She is infamous for the life changing wonder that is “Jon and Kate plus eight.” It is the story of a registered nurse and a loafer husband who decide to have six children, all at the same time plus their two twins and the fun, little interesting tidbits that accompany them through their daily lives. Kate Gosselin plastic surgery is a story about a woman, whose shelf life is almost up on her fleeting TV career, what can she do to try and buy a little more time?

A little Background

Born on 28th of March 1975, in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, the wonder talent that is Kate Gosselin. She was a nurse who had great big ambitions of becoming a gigantic star, courtesy of reality television. It happened for a few minutes.

During that fleeting moment in time when she was on top of the world, you could clearly see the evidence that Kate was growing concerned over the matter of her appearance. Somewhere along the line, Kate decided to get some plastic surgery to eliminate some of the wear and tear of pregnancy. A radically changed Kate came back, appearing considerably different and this may have left questions among the public and maybe even left some folks with a bad taste.

The State of Kate

Kate was quickly turning into a hasbeen and something had to change. It is said that many of plastic surgeons approached Gosselin with their different takes on what could be the difference in her appearance, what procedure would be the key. A lot of this wasn’t simply all based on her virtually unwrinkled face and that her brow has recently looked a little lower as well.

Another matter at hand looks like Kate might have gotten a liposuction due to an acute loss of weight. Her body just got tight and ripped overnight, which now makes sense that part of her surgical motivation was trying to leave the pregnancy behind her.

Dude, Jon…Did You Actually Marry this Chick?

Her face definitely had a smooth, tight and radiant look to it compared to some of the earlier pictures. Many prominent plastic surgeons all agree, based on her appearance, their educated guess would have to be in line with Botox. Aside from her face, it looks like her neck might of had a similar treatment as well, it looked like it was pulled, not bad but certainly altered by the hands of a skilled individual.

Other than her obvious Botox treatments, her nose really appears to have obtained some work as well. Judging by the looks of it, it wouldn’t be out of line to say that she probably had her nose chiseled out. Exactly five surgeons have come forth to cite that Gosselin had a Rhinoplasty, not maybe. The changes that were employed look of the permanent nature as with the rest of her contemporary look. She was striving to stay on top and in hindsight, it looks like maybe that didn’t work out to well, did it Kate?

Under the Knife points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Botox
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Liposuction

Kate is the Bait of TV in a Bad State

Kate Gosselin plastic surgery went fairly well, even though it pains to say. Apparently a quick gathering of money courtesy of some clueless people on the opposite side of the television, got her new bod for her and it may be spared her miniscule legacy a little more time. Kate…go get em girl, for us.