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Joan Collins Before and After Photos

80 and Lovin’ it

A Classic beauty of timelessness, Joan Collins is an english dame who can still rock it among the new and improved starlets of Tinseltown. As a companion to her striking beauty, comes a talent that is on par with some of the best. All of these attributes have been the force behind her rise and residency in the glow of the limelight. People tend to wonder about Collins however, has her beauty retained itself artificially and is it possible that Joan Collins plastic surgery is the reason behind it.

“The problem with beauty is that it’s like being born rich and getting poorer.”


Born on May 23, 1933, Joan Collins, along with being a sexy actress with a force of seduction, is an author, columnist, award winner of a Golden Globe and she is also the proud owner of a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Joan also happens to be the sister of Best-selling author Jackie Collins.

When speculations were summoned, it didn’t feel to be too far off base, after all the woman is 80 years old and she looks way too good and youthful to claim those elevated digits. Many people firmly believe that Joan has claimed her youthfulness from a series of procedures as opposed to a lifelong healthy diet with exercise.

Joan’s Denial Groans

To be clear, Collins has spoken up and firmly denied any allegations of having cosmetic surgery of any kind and her central reason for this is that she is simply terrified of the idea of the surgeons knife. It has been noted that she spoke to a publication a little while back and said that the key to her youthfulness is that she is the proud owner of the happiness gene. She has also said that those who have cited her as utilizing plastic surgery only say it out of envy of her timeless beauty,

Joan claims that make-up plays a role in her beauty maintainence but how is a woman of her advanced years actually maintaining her sexy appearance by simply only using make-up and possessing this so-called happy gene? This is one item that rings the absolute truth, Joans denials…nobody’s buying.

If you peruse her before and after pics you will notice that the likelihood of a face lift, Rhinoplasty, a brow lift and Botox are very apparent:

Joan’s Cheekbones

To begin, her face shows evidence of a face lift just by how in some areas her face looks tight and pulled. Her upper cheekbones are very obvious, their prominence is noticeably loud, giving off an unnatural appearance that even procedure virginal eyes would spot. The surrounding of her mouth looks tampered and stretched as well.

Good Lookin’ lady at 80

Her nose looks like it was also worked on, the tip especially looks pinched and even given an upward point. The nostrils are very cohesive with the look and the bridge looks untouched, blending in a natural overall look that was very well done.

Her forehead looks considerably tight, borderlining uncomfortable. it is stretched on each side and the way it overlaps towards the scalp is virtually unattractive. The fine work employed in the previous procedures does not translate into the brow lift.

The lips show more than obvious signs of Botox injections, classic swollen, fake and protruding in every sense of the word. A redo or a little fine tuning should clear this up, otherwise her procedures while certainly not perfect wasn’t altogether bad.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Facial Reconstruction
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Brow lift
  • Botox Injections

Woman Could Only Hope

Joan Collins plastic surgery may not be without flaws but it has undeniably given Joan a new lease on her beauty. You can’t look at her without noticing it but at the same time, you can’t help but notice how attractive a woman who is at the age of 80 is. If all woman had that option to look that way when they arrive at that age, the world just may be a different place.