kellie pickler plastic surgery

Kellie Pickler Before and After Photos

The Gossips on You

An impossible beauty, manifested into a dizzying world of stardom. Her looks are as prominent as they come and nothing could back up that claim more than the astonishing amount of devoted fans that she has. Kellie Pickler plastic surgery is at the other side of adoration and fandom. It comes from within the outsiders who look in and ultimately condemn. It is usually their word against the defensive, which makes things tough for the person in question but lets see how Kellie fared in this bout.

“Surround yourself with positive people and you’ll be a positive person.”

Kellie Pickler is a beautiful woman no doubt but her talent is one that may have raised the bar, especially for a woman of her genre. She has rised to the ranks of the ultra-famous as a mere gossip columnist, that should say a lot right there. Just in her late twenties, Pickler has done a lot more than many woman her age could ever claim and from a medium that typically doesn’t even get a fraction of the notoriety that she has received, Pickler is looking to do more.

Sweet Pickler

As a gossip columnist, one would be surprised to find out that there just may be more gossip on this particular gossip columnist in the history of the world. Therein lies the challenge for her, how can a gossip queen out duel against others who use the same medicine? There became a mass amount of speculation that flew around about Pickler, a lot having to do with how she keeps herself looking so young when the time just keeps on passing by,

The speculations have come and gone but the public wanted desperately to know if Pickler was a recipient of plastic surgery. She has so far refused to turn up any information and there hasn’t been a peep come out of her camp either. It seems if her own competition, the fellow gossip columnist just wanted a piece of her and that maybe they wanted to oust her.

A lot of what the public first noticed about Kellie was her breast and the growth in size that they exhibited. Not only do a lot of people believe she had gotten a breast augmentation but the ones who are familiar with this procedure believe that she had employed a highly skilled surgeon just by the flawless appearance of them. They looked perfectly sized with a notable amount of cleavage appearing then it has in the past.

A Brand New Columnist

A few people pointed out that her nose as suspect and when that happened, several others jumped on the hater bandwagon. Her past and present photo comparisons do reveal a slight change. The nostril area had been relatively fine tuned, much slimmer and even a little more feminine.

There has been some changes made in her face that would suggest a facelift as well. The face appears to be almost slightly centered better, if that makes sense. The proportions just seem to have more balance than they did prior, she honestly really looks beautiful.

Finally. judging by the look of her lips, the likelihood of Botox is anything but certain. The length appears a bit longer and the width and roundness have increased quite a bit. The Botox work looks like it was done spot on as well.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Breast Augmentation
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Facial Reconstruction
  • Botox

Pickler’d a Great Surgeon

Kellie Pickler plastic surgery was done on a scale that is rarely ever done on. She looks absolutely fantastic and actually better than before, Many times to say it looks better than before is just a fib to make the individual feel better or to not add to their already accumulated list of woes but for Pickler the procedures could not have been carried out any better.