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Billy Crystal Before and after Photos

When Harry met “The Knife”

Billy Crystal has somehow created a most versatile and brilliant career acting, writing, producing and directing; as well as being successful on the stage, television and the silver screen. Billy Crystal plastic surgery is a boggler of the mind. A face so endearing, beloved and respected at the mercy of the knife? it can play tricks on the brain.
If Billy crystal was swayed by the knife; a man whose image of being funny and sincere is undeniably shatterproof. It may indeed be that, but one things goes without a benefit of the doubt, he may not break but apparently, a battle was waged, hard fought and lost, against the knife.

“To be good, you need to believe in what you’re doing. “

Comedy is Born

Billy Crystal was born in 1948 in Long Island, New York. The youngest of three, his father was a well known music promoter. Throughout his early years he showed his knack for comedy by performing impressions and jokes for his family.
After graduating high school he went on to Nassau Community College and then New York University. Later on he had honed his craft at the Tisch School of the Arts. He became a regular performer at local improvs and numerous stand-up acts. He built a great following which led him to his famous tenure on “Saturday Night Live”. He had an incredible run on Saturday Night Live and then moved on to the sitcom “ Soap” in which he played a flamboyant homosexual. The world took notice and so did Hollywood.
After several comedy films it was evident that Mr. Crystal was a big time movie star, box office gold. He starred alongside the who’s who of comedy in the later 20th century and he created an even more iconic status as the sarcastic host of several well received Academy Awards.

A City Slicker Stares Down Time

A question that most of us ask ourselves from time to time is, “can we turn back the clock” or “just one more rodeo”. Mr. Crystal apparently shared the same mortal thoughts as all of us do. He wanted to go back and when he arrived at the crossroads of decision time, he chose to go back choosing the company and warm embrace of the near and dear friend of so many who search for their eternity…the knife.

You Look Marvelous

Many observations have been noted from some of the more reputable cosmetic surgeons in Tinseltown. They have commented on what their educated eyes see and by applying their knowledge and expertise to some extent, it can really prove the hidden elements of an individual who underwent a plastic surgery. Some people are also blinded with a possibility that his appearance shares no resemblance or patterns of similarity to his old pictures due to the natural aging process.
There are also factors in which a number of people have conceived, that Billy Crystal plastic surgery has been done on a gradual basis, since his early days. The man himself has stayed quiet while info surrounding any sort of concrete procedure stays mum. What stands out is that his forehead is ultra-smooth, his eyes were puffy and his cheek stuck out prominently, which reveals some sort of tampering. One thing that’s been noted is the fact his neck and chin area still sag like a man of his years, leading to believe the possibility of no work occurring A theory could be that he left it alone as a deflector, so know one will think he did anything with he did anything else but as usual, speculations ran amok and that’s all it is:

The Knife Points: Plastic Surgery Fact Sheet

  • Brow Lift
  • Botox or Juvederm filler in lips
  • Facial Reconstruction
  • Possible unidentified surgeries

Everybody Need’s a Hero

If you ever have seen “City Slickers” or “ When Harry met Sally”, you gotta love the guy. He represents a warm time in Hollywood comedies that, as more time progresses, it has you wondering if any talent or qualities of his caliber will ever grace our screens again.
Maybe there’s a chance he heard our cries…”Billy!” as attempts for new talent plunder at the wayside. Maybe if there was a spotlight that shot up in the sky and brightly read “Billy”, like the Batman logo, He would look up and know that he’s needed.
By way of the knife, you can try to reverse time and if you reverse time, the legend remains on top. Does Billy Crystal plastic surgery have the answer to this universal question? if it does have the answer, it is yet to be known. If you weigh in the karma factor and it’s waltz with the knife, the answers get complicated. Whoever can beat it can come out on top, but only time has that answer.