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Reality Sinks In On Melrose

When the warm and bright sun of an aging blond bombshells career in Hollywood slowly starts to dim and grow colder, the thought of packing up and giving in is a non-issue and for some the thought is a downright sin. Afterall, it is all they know. For many, 20 years ago they were waiting or bussing tables. Would you want to go back if that was your alternative? After living a life in the spotlight and coming home to a life of luxury, probably not. Heather Locklear plastic surgery apparently posed the same question on her and it looks like Heather answered right back.

“When I look in the mirror I see the girl I was when I was growing up, with braces, crooked teeth, a baby face and a skinny body.”


On September 25, 1961, Heather Locklear was born in Los Angeles Ca. Raised in the lovely suburb of Thousand Oaks, Heather’s father worked as a director in the registrar’s office and her mother was an administrative assistant. In 1979. Heather began attending UCLA with an intention to major in psychology but her sexy good looks turned what was a casual gig in modeling into a full time job. She started out doing spots for Pepsi. the California Dairy Council and Polaroid.  Things really started to open up for her in 1981, when she successfully won the part for an audition for “’Dynasty”, which was a mega popular prime-time soap opera at the time. After 13 weeks on board, she was written out. Her luck would quickly turn when the shows producer Aaron Spelling decided that he wanted her for his new show “T.J. Hooker”.
After 5 seasons, T.J. Hooker was canceled but Heather, who was always full of ambition, kept working by doing films and commercials. In 1993, the legacy of Heather Locklear got it’s milestone when she was brought on by her old boss Aaron Spelling to star in his new prime-time soap “Melrose Place”.
Prior to her debut, the shows was really hurting in the ratings, so Heathers charisma and charm quickly saved the show 180 style. In 98’ Melrose Place was canceled but Heather’s loaded resume got her working beside Michael J. Fox, on the sitcom “Spin City”. In 2005 she joined the show “Boston Legal” and she continued to star in more films, progressing more into her star status.
Getting older in Hollywood, especially for woman, sucks. Turning to plastic surgery for many is an absolute necessity to their livelihood. Plus, Heather is a knockout, so either way she knew preserving her assets was the right thing to do.

Rumors in “Spin City”

When speculations concerning plastic surgery involve celebrities like Locklear, while not exactly poignant, it is usually validated. First off, assuming that she did get work done seems pretty logical so when the rumor mill started spinning, one of the first things that were mentioned was that she was completely sans forehead wrinkles, noting the smoothness is essentially void of natural. other notes were made on the sudden change of the size of her breast, saying that they appear to be elevated.
Many folks believe her new work was inspired by her relationship with her old co-star Jack Wagner, saying she felt the need to look even more hotter to seduce him into marriage, Photo comparison shows a definitive change in her face, her cheeks look fuller, her nose looks altered,saying it looks a lot finer with the lessening of nostril flare.
Other comments surround Locklear’s lips, notes of a more rotund, pouty look has been added. There were also many remarks about her face in general, showing more youthful glare and that she has this prominent frozen look on her face, which obviously suggest a few things. The procedures in question are:

Under the Knife Points: Procedure Probability List

  • Botox injections-(forehead) (lips)
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Chemial peels
  • Facelift
  • Breast augmentation

Girl Kept It Rockin’

As we all know, Heather Locklear has the goods. She has been a hottie for a long time and she aims on keeping that hottie position. Heather Locklear plastic surgery was a total success and with a win like that, Heather can expect to rule the roost in Tinseltown for years to come and we all can agree and be happy about that.




  1. Love Heather, she’s a natural beauty. I don’t believe she did any kind of plastic surgery, besides botox maybe..

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