jessica Lange plastic surgery

Jessica Lange Before and After Photos

A Beautiful Woman

For a woman who was held deep into the New York City skyline in the beastly grip of “King Kong” and for who presently sits at the ripe old age of sixty-five, Jessica Lange looks pretty darn good. The thing is though, she’s one of those woman that, a without question have flirted with the knife. A rocket scientist need not apply to plainly see the possibility of Jessica Lange plastic surgery but that’s ok. Woman in Hollywood, especially beautiful ones who have lived and died by their appearance deal a great struggle in maintaining their employment in that city of dreams and for Mrs.Lange, who currently stars in the strange and wildly popular “American Horror Story” is no different. So maybe the knife is kind after all?

“I never think of the future. I never imagine what comes next.”

From Bohemian to The Oscars

Jessica Lange is a winner of the best supporting and best actress Academy Award plus she has received numerous other nods in the field of the Tony’s and Emmy’s. She was born in 1949 in Cloquet, Minnesota. Growing up in a middle class family she eventually moved on to study photography at the University of Minnesota. She lived the bohemian lifestyle with her husband at the time in Europe for a while then came back to the live states for good. She was discovered while working as a waitress at a tavern in Greenwich Village, New York by fame producer Dino De Laurentis, who happened to be on the market for his leading actress in the new adaptation of “King Kong” in which she humbly obliged. Through the 70’s all the way up to today, Lange has kept herself relevant. The obvious apparent nature of her cosmetic surgery work implies that she is no doubt trying to be proactive in the fight of maintaining that relevancy.

Plastic Surgeon Does Good

The beautiful and talented Lange, while not appearing like a completely unscathed, shows slight signs leading to the surgeon likely receiving an A- on his term paper. When you take in account her before and after pictures, the differences can be seen. One definite change is that the bags and wrinkles around her eyelids have been tightened and smoothed over. It is also documented of the change on her forehead, revealing a youthful tightness and glow, however the typical tell-tell scar was left as a solid evidence and a reminder of Mrs.Lange’s torrid affair with the knife.

So, may the verdict be handed down and in this case, the identity known in her procedures shows us the traditional style brow lift, her choice of this less meddlesome endoscopic selection appears to be well done. One more thing that looks to be of a certainty is that the likelihood of a Botox injection was used on her forehead and it also appears like it worked greatly for her. Last but not least, not much has been said as a whole but speculation of a possible case of a Derm injection in her lips could have taken place.

A gift of the Elusive

Jessica Lange is still one classy lady and a pretty good actress too. She has made some great contributions to her craft and for Hollywood so for the most part she landed on the positive receiving end of the knife. Her surgeon wielded a success on the part of keen job of eluding evidence and because of his triumph, the Jessica Lange plastic surgery backlash remained quiet and for that, we have at least one more happy celebrity.