Joanna Krupa plastic surgery

Joanna Krupa Before and After Photos

Joanna Krupa was born in Poland in 1979. She moved to the US with her family as a young child, and is a model and actress, best known for appearing in reality TV shows ‘Poland’s Next Top Model’, ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and ‘The Real Housewives of Miami’. Joanna Krupa was named as Maxim’s ‘Sexiest Swimsuit Model in the World’. In 2011, she came 55th in Maxim’s Hot 100 list, and in 2004-2005 she was named model of the year by German Maxim. She has appeared on many magazine covers. Krupa married nightclub owner and businessman, Romain Zago in California on 13th June 2013, a lavish affair which reportedly cost a million dollars.

“I don`t go into the whole lingerie routine. I just like panties my tiny, thong panties.”

Plastic Surgery Speculations

The sexy swimsuit model and real housewife has a flawless complexion and many have speculated that her flawless skin is down to more than just healthy eating and good living. Dr Anthony Youn, giving his expert opinion for PopDust said that he suspected that medical grade skincare was involved. He also suspected some other minor surgeries had taken place, including a nose job to shorten her nose, Restylane in her lips, and possibly some filler like Sculptra to make her cheeks plumper.Krupa herself has always been very candid about the fact that she has had some cosmetic procedures, but vehemently denies rumours of cheek plumpers, saying she naturally has high, full cheeks, and claims she has never had liposuction. She also denies rumours that she is addicted to plastic surgery.

The Facials

Krupa’s glowing skin is not just down to healthy living and eating right, she admits to having had facial ‘blood’ injections. Though she does emphasize that she also makes sure to eat well and work out, which also helps to ensure that golden glow and smooth, line-free face.
Krupa admits that she’s had a small procedure on her nose, Juvederm fillers to straighten it out. Some have said that it also looks a little shorter, so some have said she may have had it shortened as well as straightened.
Those luscious lips are thicker than before. Krupa says she used to do lip injections to plump up those kissers. She did not state whether she still does the injections, but implied that this was something she did in the past. So has she now had a more permanent plumping filler added, so regular injections are no longer needed?

Breast Augmentation and Cellulite

Yes, cellulite strikes even the most beautiful swimsuit model. Krupa admits to having treatment for some troublesome cellulite on those slender pins. But she denied vehemently rumours that she had also had some liposuction – challenging everyone to look for scars, as there were not any there. As a swimsuit model, those long legs are often on display so any scars would not be easy to hide.
Krupa has had not one, but two breast augmentation surgeries. The question is, will she stop now?

Surgery Results

Krupa states that she is ‘super critical’ and that everyone has things they’d like to change about themselves. The procedures so far have all been a success. Krupa looks well and healthy. But underneath the facade, is she happy? Will she ever be happy with the way she looks? There are concerns that she will never be happy with the way she looks, and will continue to have procedures and plastic surgery. The worry is that she may go too far, and lose any naturalness she still has in her looks. Time will tell whether she will quit while she is ahead, or continue to change her appearance.
The good thing is that Krupa clearly backs up her cosmetic procedures with an excellent work-out regime. Her toned legs testify to a lot of hard work in a gym. Let us hope that she will keep up the hard work.




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