jenna jameson plastic surgery

Jenna Jameson Before and after Photos

Jenna Jameson is an American Adult-Movie star and webcam model. She is also a successful entrepreneur and manager of an array of porn websites. Widely lauded as the “queen of porn”, Jenna has had an illustrious career in pornography and has emerged as one of the most popular porn stars of all time. She is the co-founder of ClubJena, an Adult Content management company that manages a number of websites.
In 2008, she officially retired from her long career as a porn star, and announced that she was never going back to that job. She however still performs online as a webcam model. In her autobiography, she confessed to being bisexual, although she later came to say that she is actually fully heterosexual.
Jameson has had a dramatic love-life, marrying and divorcing twice before. Her marriage with Porn Director Rodney Hopkins lasted only 10 weeks. She is now married to Tito Ortiz, a Martial Artist whom she says she met on MySpace. The couple has two children together.

“I’m like the girl next door… I just have a bad streak.”

Jenna Jameson Plastic Surgery Speculation

Being an adult movie star, Jameson is certainly accustomed to controversy, and you wouldn’t expect that such allegations of plastic surgery come as a surprise at all. Over the years during her career, she has appeared to be changing her looks drastically, raising a lot of eyebrows. Perhaps her unusual career might have necessitated plastic surgery from time to time, at least according to some observers. Either way, she seems to be one of the celebrities with the highest number of plastic surgery procedures attributed to her.

Jenna Jameson’s Facials

According to one Dr. Anthony Youn, Jenna seems to have done quite a few lip augmentation procedures, which may have turned out not so well for her. She also seems to have done a Rhinoplasty operation to change the shape of her nose.  Apart from that, her skin seems to have been through several Botox operations, as well a facelift. According to Dr.Youn, Jenna’s skin is a tight, alright, but evidently overstretched. Indeed, numerous surgical operations may be the only explanation to her transformations in the before and after photos.

Breasts and Hips

Apart from the facial operations, Critics have also been rife that Jena had done breast augmentation in order to enhance the firmness and the round shape of her boobs. Expert observers also think that some work might have been done on her hips, broadening them more to suit her role in her adult movie acts. Naturally, you would expect such allegation to come about a porn star.

Jenna Jameson’s Response

Jenna Jameson herself has not said anything conclusive about her suspected surgical procedures. But many people are convinced beyond doubt that she has been through one too many operations. Jameson is actually notorious for making weird statements during interviews, including lashing out at questions posed about her personality or her life. But no matter how sure we think we are about her surgeries, she is probably the only one who can clear all doubts about it, and before she does that, it will just be more speculation.

Surgery Results

It has been said that Jenna Jameson is a classical case of plastic surgery gone bad. She looks almost unrecognizable from her former self. Many experts have suggested that she slows down on the surgeries. However, it would be rather harsh to judge her completely. Some aspects of the surgery are indeed quite nice. Her boobs, for example, still look fine, and she still has an amazing body shape.