Jennifer Aniston Nose Job

Jennifer Aniston Nose Job Before and After Pictures

She is considered one of the funniest comedic actresses of the era but she can also can play her hand at drama as well, with plenty of grit. Jennifer Aniston is a name that so many have come to recognize over the last 15 years or so and for good reason too. It was on the 90’s cult hit TV show “Friends” where she had created the name and it is now through her films that she is rightfully maintaining it. Did Jennifer Aniston nose job?, the public has been wanting to know. You can find those answers below in the article.

“You know, I’ve got wrinkles on my forehead and smile lines, but what’s wrong with that? I love to smile. “

As a matter of fact she has and it actually occurred about twelve years ago when she had her nose operated on because of a deviated septum. It looks like however that Aniston has expressed that she had not been too happy with the results. It seems as of late that she actually has been reconsidering possibly receiving a new procedure for her nose ever since the very first operation.

Lousy First

There had been also some word which has stated that Aniston regarded the procedure and final results as downright dreadful. She then said that the plastic surgeon that she had employed was lousy and she never understood why she had used his services in the first place.

It was in 2007 that there began some speculation about Jennifer receiving some professional consultation at a particular clinic in Hollywood. It was later that people noticed her shuffling out of the clinic with apparent scars on her face. All around her nose, lips and even eyebrows there were irritation marks and even more scars.

Seeking Answers

Another rumor has spread through the hills regarding Anniston visiting another clinic to possibly repair the botched nose job that she had received twelve years prior. Jennifer had been asked several questions by the media and one of them was if she really had obtained the procedures or not. She had answered back that she did because as we know, she was quite displeased with the lousy work that was done on the deviated septum.

If you look at her recent pics you can clearly notice that her nose is much thinner than it used to be and the shape has been altered accordingly to match the differences in the width. The work that was done was really good and that she must be quite happy with the results, even though she needs a little more time to heal.


Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Rhinoplasty

Lookin’ Good Girl

Jennifer Aniston nose job was a success as anybody who has seen her recent photos can clearly see. With such a famous face and such a famous nose it would have been tragic if the surgeon would have bumbled the operation up or something on that level. Her career will certainly get a boost from this latest work because it surely couldn’t hurt it. It hasn’t either, Aniston has been racking up quite the resume as of late and she looks destined to take on the world if she felt so inclined.Thats why we love the gal and you better believe that we will all be expecting to see her on the big screen soon.



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