Jodie Sweetin Plastic Surgery

Jodie Sweetin Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Sweetin Low

The moment the great Jodie Sweetin had graced our television sets, the world had changed and for the better. Her vibrant personality was felt, not only on the small screen but it had been felt on the silver screen as well. She has been featured in numerous programs and movies but she is most well known for her star turn on the hit TV show “full House.” She has also starred in a few things which aren’t so star turning though, drug abuse and her latest effort, Jodie Sweetin plastic surgery.

“I think as a pregnant woman we’re all looking for stuff that makes us all look cute and fashionable and feel sexy when we’re pregnant.”

These are just rumors mind you but some out there really believe that she has enhanced her appearance due to the assistance of cosmetic surgery. Those same people also believe that she may have sought out the surgery to cover up her physical damage from the drugs in which she had used. On top of that it is also believed that she had a breast augmentation done. One of the more surprising elements to the story is how in the world did she even find the money for something like this, after all she apparently had spent a lot on drugs and then there is also the fact that her career isn’t exactly performing at high speeds either.

Sweetin the Deal

Her career really had taken a dive after she had found herself within the world of drugs and maybe after that she decided to get clean. It may have dawned on her to obtain the surgeries to more or less cover up some of the damage which had been done by the drugs.

Her face lift had done quite a bit to preserve the youthfulness that she still had going for her after the wear and tear that had been done from the use of drugs.The premature wrinkles that had been there were tightened and pull just so, perfectly aligning the right balance of her features. It would seem that jodie, due to a lack of productivity and all of the funds spent on drugs that she would have only been able to afford a mediocre surgeon but if the surgeon was mediocre, they did one heck of a great job.

The Surgery had a Full House

The breast implants doesn’t quite make sense because Sweetin always appeared to be well endowed and it would seem that her money would have gone into more appropriate matters but nonetheless the work performed was pretty first rate. They exude a new heft and a firmness that looked quite attractive on the lass. The element of cleavage appeared to be capitalized upon as well, Overall, the work was impressive. So, if her surgeon was an economically feasible choice, she needs to hand that persons cards out to the many others seeking that type of work.

Under the Knife points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Facial Reconstruction
  • Breast Augmentation

A Happier Jodie

Jodie Sweetin plastic surgery was surprisingly impressive. Will her career get on back on track? That seems to be a doubtful thing but if she can get a little bit of happiness back in her life that sometimes, if not all the time can beat any upgrades in career. Surely she will find her way and it sounds like she is halfway there and that is a darn good thing.