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Jane Fonda Before and After Photos

Vain Jane

She is a legend of film and of the treadmill. She is Hollywood pedigree, daughter of an acting giant. She made a lot of people pretty upset during the Vietnam War but her acting chops and her sheer star quality have survived the adversity and criticism. This health guru, who stressed the importance of exercise and nutrition, for wellness and slow aging, may have turned the knife on herself, Now would you fancy that? Silence everybody, open the curtain, aim the projector and get the film rolling. This is a film based on the old wives tale…Jane Fonda plastic surgery.

“I don’t want my wrinkles taken away – I don’t want to look like everyone else.”


Born on December 21, 1937, in New York City, Jane Fonda was raised into a family of Hollywood prominence, after all her father was the late, great acting legend, Henry Fonda. Life as a Fonda wasn’t always peachy, her father was cold and aloof most the time and her mother took her own life when Jane was only 12
.Jane struggled with eating disorders throughout her younger years. When she was a teen, she dabbled in modeling but it was when she turned 19, that she decided to follow in her father’s footsteps. She began to study acting at the famed Actor’s Studio in New York. Her film debut came in 1960 starring in “Tall Story”, opposite Tony Perkins.
Fonda did some award winning work on Broadway, perfectly balancing theater and film. From that point onward, her career was a non-stop ride.
In the 60’s she became a sex symbol, and for good reason too, Jane had it rockin’ up a storm. This especially true in the Quirky, sci-fi comedy, “Barbarella.”
In 72’, Fonda traveled over to Vietnam, virtually citing with the country. The nation was in an uproar, accusing Fonda of becoming a trader. They gave her the catchy title “Hanoi Jane”, and it took her a very long time to recover from that little diddy.
Jane has done a heck of a lot with herself over the years, enjoying a super long, fruitful career that, even in her twilight years, she looks perfectly in control still.

Speculations On the Happ’s

Now, speculation was abound that little Miss. Perfect, Jane, could have gotten a little worky poo done, yet another seduced by the stare of the knife. She is one of those cases, where you just can’t quite get a definitive answer, and there really are no blatant signs with her appearance that blurt out surgery. There has been some documentation, let see what the so-called experts be thinkin’.
Beginning with her neck, for a woman of 74, it looks awfully tight, smooth and downright young. We all know Jane takes great care of herself but come on, now girlfriend…there’s now way in heck that granola and exercise can make a 74 year olds neck look like a 25 year come on.
Her eyes have noticeably changed a little, appearing stronger and wide. Very opposed to her cat eyes from back in the day. Won’t point fingers on this one, it does look a little suspect however.
Next is her forehead. Before and after’s reveal a very slight change, there is though, certainly enough comparisons for proof of at least that. But it looks nice, along with the rest, a good job, if performed, was performed well.
Lastly, her cheeks look like they have possibly been fooled around with. They are much slimmer compared to the earlier pics. This one though is debatable, and if a decision must be made, the vote would Be notta on the cheeky weeky’s.

Under the Knife Points: The procedure Checklist

  • Neck Lift
  • Blepharoplasty
  • Brow Lift
  • Cheek Work (debateable)

Little Miss Perfect Rides Off Into the Sunset

Now, old Janey, her surgery done real good, if she even had anything done and believe it when said, Miss. Perfect won’t ever humor us with the facts. Jane Fonda plastic surgery is an indicator, that even the perfect ones can sometimes fall from grace, landing smack dab into the hands of the knife. An adios is in order, sleep tight and whatever you do….don’t let the knife….bite.