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Judge, Jury and the Knife

Judgement day for a judge…what do you do? When the hammer falls on youth and the sentence is read, desperation and escape pulsate throughout the brain, shrouding itself with ways of resolve. Wipe the slate clean, leave no trace and try to look the very best you can. This TV judge wanted to throw the book at the dastardly hand of time, seeking a fresh start with a reflection worthy of it’s showcase, after all it’s television. Jeanine Pirro plastic surgery will throw you into the limelight with the best of them and give you a first hand look at when the court rules guilty on all charges of the knife.

Semi Babe-O-Graphy

Born in Elmira, New York on June 2, 1952, Jeanine Pirro grew up Catholic-Lebanese, in a lower middle class setting with her mother and father. After high school, she went onto college, then after college she left for law school. In 1975 she graduated law school with a degree.
She married in 1975 and around the time of 1978, she became an assistant attorney in Westchester, New York. 11 years later she became the head honcho, judge of that very same court. In 1993 she was elected district attorney in her favorite place, westchester.
She was elected district attorney in 1997 and 2001 and in the late 90’s her image was seen more and more on shows such as “Larry King Live”, doing her thing. She continued to appear on king’s show and also on “Nightline.”
In 2008, the big time whispered her name and the allure was too much to bare for her, she slipped on the robe for the bright lights and it proved a worthy move with “Judge Jeanine Pirro.” The show was a huge success and in 2011, it picked up an Emmy for it’s daytime slot. Strangely enough that same year the show was canceled in lieu of poor ratings.

Judgement Day for Jeanine

Several rumors kept popping up about jeans more than moderate facial changes, mainly what a huge difference in the lack of wrinkles on her face. Pirro is a good looking woman, so when something cosmetically changes, (just like other individuals whose appearance are a focal point) you can really tell.
Many people were saying that the judge was looking pretty hot, very youthful and an image change of the decade. Not because of any significant reconstruction but a smoothing of the skin that appeared extremely natural, almost like a drink from the chalice of youth.
The more info that flew out, the more that it really did sound like plastic surgery may have taken place and the likelihood of Botox is very high, especially in the lip area. Her lips and face were a marvel. Scoping at the before and after’s, it was astonishing how well crafted her new look is, amazing.

Under the Knife Points: The Plastic Surgery Checklist

  • Facial Reconstruction
  • Botox Injections (lips)

Jeanine Slaps a Fine on Time

A good judgement call would be to say that Jeanine Pirro plastic surgery came out looking pretty darn hot. Her skin was radiantly divine and with that, she gets a fresh new sentence of looking nothing short of radical. Because that’s the judge we’re talking’ about and she always means business.


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