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A Housewife’s Tale

In the land of the OC. There are housewives. Not just any housewives but the Housewives of Orange County and let it be known, these housewives like to be sexy and they pull it off with flying colors. Gretchen Rossi plastic surgery tells the tale of when one of these household hotties chooses the knife and all of the after effects that come forth. Did she mean business? Or did she fall to the wayside of cosmetic tragedies? Let’s go…


Joining the cast of the Real Housewives of Orange County, the beautiful Rossi made quite the splash with her blonde bombshell good looks and sassy demeanor. She grew up in La Crescenta, Ca, then later on she attended Baylor University in Dallas where she would study psychology.
With her boyfriend, Slade, Gretchen has created what looks to be a highly successful clothing line titled “ Gretchen Christine” and she is in the midst of her very own radio talk show. Life couldn’t get any better for this California cutie.

A Housewife in Denial

Speculations rolled around as they do and Gretchen wasn’t having any of it. There were fingers pointing in every direction. There was mention of her breast size increasing and that her nose shown some considerable alterations but throughout it all she has continued to deny the allegations, all though she did say that she got some minor work done on her lips as a simple preservation tool.
People first noticed her breasts apparent enlargement, cleavage just seemed to pour out of her at every event or episode of the show. According to Rossi, it is the work of a really killer bra but in her case it is kinda hard to tell. If a call had to be made it would look like she employed the knife for her bust,
Then there were fingers being pointed at her nose and that a significant change was indicated. People mentioned that her nose looked smaller, thinner and that the bridge was more narrow. Throughout the entire ordeal, Gretchen remains mum about the whole thing but she is more animatedly denying her nose more than anything.
Next on the menu is her lips. which of course she has mentioned as the result of work being done but the changes she has described were done a couple years ago but these sudden changes mentioned came about in recent months. They noticed a roundness to them and a rather odd shape, there was something very artificial about them and really different, the people weren’t buying.

Under the Knife Points: The Plastic Surgery Checklist

  • Rhinoplasty
  • Breast Augmentation
  • Botox Injections (lips)

Wretched Rossi

Gretchen Rossi plastic surgery was a little hit and miss. Her supposed breast job looked pretty good, the doc hit all the right notes with that one. Her Nose job was actually pretty good as well. Where she thinks we would believe that she didn’t get anything done is rather surprising but the gal has made up her mind on that. Her lips were by and large the travesty of the group, they just kinda looked bizarre, hate to tell ya Gretchen. She has a few lucrative businesses going now, when the first check comes in maybe she can get a redo on the lips, the doc owes her half-off at least.




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