Hillary Clinton Facelift

Hillary Clinton Facelift Before and After Pictures

If there is any woman in the public eye who exudes power, confidence and most certainly charisma, it would be none other that Hillary Rodham Clinton. Aside from those three attributes, she also employs a vast degree of elegance and one thing which you would never guess, glamour. She has been the first lady of the United States, Secretary of State and her career has given females all throughout the world a newfound sense of leadership and greatness. With every up, there is a down and that down for Hillary Clinton comes in the form of plastic surgery rumors and to be exact, Hillary Clinton facelift.

“I wish I were taller and thinner but the hair you can do something about.”

She has been and still is a role model to women everywhere and when you are at the top of the heap, you become picked and prodded, chosen as a figure of ridicule for whatever small window of time that the public choses. Clinton is no different, as she faces a little bit of ridicule surrounding speculations regarding the speculation of a facelift. The speculation of Hillary Clinton’s supposed facelift is strong running as well and the public in her case especially are most certainly on a tear.

Clinton is no doubt one of the busiest women in the world and wherever she goes or whatever she does, the spotlight is shining right down on her. For women in the spotlight, it doesn’t matter if the individual is in film or in politics, the appearance is an important element of what they do. The reports which came in had originated with Fox News and from there they catapulted themselves into a relative media frenzy.

Hillary Procedure Looks More than Possible

When the media took hold, so did the public and there was no bigger catalyst than the internet for spinning the wheel of the rumor mill. It was there that the before and after pics of Clinton became quite the commodity. They showed noticeable changes and there really wasn’t a whole lot of denying that she may have went under the knife.

What they revealed was a face that most likely had some Botox and dermal utilized. The lips and the forehead of Clinton are the areas that look to be the ones which were performed on. The lips look slightly wider, more pronounced as a whole and even a little more youthful. The most likely substance used was Botox and by the overall appearance, it looks pretty well done.

Good Work Performed

Her face showed signs of a quality facelift and her skin irradiated with a smooth youthfulness

and tightness normally associated with a facial reconstruction weren’t there. She appears to be the recipient of a procedure that was performed with absolute flawlessness. Her forehead looks to be tightened as well, probably with Juvederm. The way the forehead hits on the corners looks perfect compared to a lot of other Juvederm cases, where it tends to look unbalanced.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Botox (lips)
  • Facial Reconstruction
  • Juvederm (forehead)

2016 Looks Bright

Hillary Clinton facelift may have caused a string of different rumors but the work that was performed was guided by a most skilled and knowledgeable hand. If she is planning to run for office in 2016, she will have a readied new look for the cameras and the public.