Heidi Klum Bra Size

Heidi Klum Bra Size Before and After Photos

If a Mt. Rushmore of the most renowned female fashion models was ever constructed, Heidi Klum would certainly be one of the faces atop of the rock mountain. Heidi was born in 1973 in Germany and she had quickly risen up the ranks within the world of modeling and she became a pivotal part of the it crowd of the 90’s, alongside faces such as Tyra Banks, Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and a few others. Several people within the public are wondering if maybe Klum should be put atop of the plastic surgery Mt. Rushmore as well. They are all wondering if Heidi Klum bra size maybe appearing a little bigger these days. Let’s find out shall we?

“I can’t look in the mirror and look at fake things. I just can’t. I’d rather age.”

Klum has been known the world over for her very famous Sports Illustrated covers, where she is always clad in a skimpy bikini and her breast are revealed rather scantily.This maybe the main reason why if there are any changes in the appearance of Heid’s breast, the people will likely notice it. Her bra size is a 36C, her body measurements are 36-27-37, rightfully placed in the perfect zone of her chosen industry.


Whomever started rumor started from in regards to the apparent noticeable changes of the bosom of Klum started, had quite the gusto and fire power to pack a gossip punch. Speculations quickly escalated and the word was spreading around that Klum recently employed a breast augmentation and she had raised her bra size up into the D cup range.

Her before and afters quickly followed suit and what they have revealed is that there really are changes in Klum’s bosom but a D cup is hardly a reality when looking at them. As a matter of fact, if you really examine the pics, it kind of has you wondering if Klum had even gotten an augmentation all together. By the looks of it, one may think that a little weight gain might be the reason for the size difference but it is difficult to tell.

Fans Step Up

Her waist though doesn’t really look to be affected if there really was weight gain involved. Much of the public is convinced that a trip to the plastic surgeons was indeed employed but there really isn’t any such evidence to suggest that she actually did. There are several of her fans who have stepped up in Klum’s defense to argue that these really are just rumors and that the nosey public needs to leave her alone.

Some well-known public surgeons have come to the forefront and weighed in their two cents in regards to what they see in Klum’s pics. Surprisingly, they feel torn between the two results and they are really having a time trying to figure out if she really did have a procedure completed. It is an open field of answers.

Under the Knife: The Procedure Checklist

  • Breast Augmentation (rumors only)

Klum Again?

Heidi Klum bra size had the public in an uproar over how much of a mystery it is. Klum nor her entourage have made any efforts to comment and when they were finally confronted there was no comment placed at that scene either. The coast has been clear in that particular department for her and everything honestly appears to be back to normal.