Helen Hunt plastic surgery

Helen Hunt Before and after Photos

Mad About Helen

From the early to late 90’s, America was mad about her. Helen Hunt was the county’s darling for quite the while. Her long running sitcom “Mad About You” costarring Paul Reiser was a mega-blockbuster of a show. They both were impactful faces of the 90’s but Helen just had a more down-to-earth/girl next door quality that was pretty hard to resist. So when did word of a Helen Hunt plastic surgery makes the rounds?, you aren’t really too surprised but with her wholesome, almost tomboyish way about her, it may be just a little surprising.

“We all feel disabled in some way. We all feel imperfect. It’s hard to be looked at for various reasons.”

Girl Lived For TV

On June 15, 1963, Helen Hunt was born in Culver City, Ca. She was the daughter of an acting coach an a photographer. As early as the age of nine she had decided on an acting career and soon started studying acting. She grabbed an agent and by 1973 she landed her first role on a television show titled “Pioneer Woman”.
She was quite the busy bee, appearing on numerous televisions shows then discovering a TV home for a while with “St. Elsewhere”. The first role that brought her notice was the 1983 television movie “Quarterback Princess”. She would soon appear in major films of the day throughout the decade but in 1992 her star defining role came to her in the sitcom “Mad About You.”

Helen Is As Good As It Gets

When Mad About You was in it’s prime, Helen Hunt was everywhere. She starred in the 1996 blockbuster “Twister” but her big pay day as an artist was in the role of the depressed, single mother and waitress in the award winning film costarring Jack Nicholson “As Good As It Gets” her role brought home the ultimate prize in showbiz, Best Actress Oscar. Helen’s career would continue steadily and even today she is still keeping busy in film and television.
Helen Hunt has never been a raving beauty, she always kept a rather ordinary appeal to her. So word of a plastic surgery starts to make more sense. It is very clear that as of late. Helen Hunt has been waging a battle with time. She seems like one of those types of people who look relatively young for the longest time then poof! overnight they got old. it sounds like Helen wanted to nip that in the bud.

When A Tomboy Gets Girly

If you take a good look at her before and after pictures you can most definitely make out a big change in her lack of wrinkles and it looks pretty obvious that Botox is the likely culprit but at the same time it could possibly be a facelift as well. Word out on the street is that Helen has been taking the laser approach on herself, which makes sense because when you look at her neck are and up to around her jaw, the skin is smooth and much firmer than it was, by a long shot. The nose looks like it certainly got trimmed down a little but it actually looks pretty good and maybe even a little more feminine.

There is a big change in her eye area too. Her eyes used to have almost an ill. sunken look about them and now her eyes look completely refreshed. To finish, the all around skin quality is radiant and it looks pumped with vitamins and minerals. Helen looks beautiful. Lastly her forehead looks a lot smoother and tighter, it looks like her forehead back in the day.


  • Botox (eyes-mouth)
  • Facelift
  • Forehead lift
  • Rhinoplasty

Looking Great Girl

It’s no joke to saying that Helen looks pretty good and certainly much more youthful. An educated guess would say that she didn’t fly coach on this one, she got the five star, full meal deal. The thing is though. when something ways on your mind like the impending fear of aging, to lose that sometimes would be worth the cost just to free yourself from it. Good job Helen.