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Showgirl Starving for Showtime

Who remembers the 1995 cinematic masterpiece “Showgirls”?…What?…You don’t? Anyway, the movie starring Elizabeth Berkley, was about a young woman full of mystery who has lofty ambitions to become the next big thing in Las Vegas showgirl stripping. Here’s a good idea for a sequel and the chances of it being a better movie are pretty good. This one will be about an actress who a long time ago, was supposed to be the next big thing in Hollywood, so she releases her first headlining movie and the movie tanks. So years later while still struggling to make it big, she decides that the best way to get her ahead in Tinseltown would be to go under the knife and look younger and sexier.

“I had to make some drastic choices to avoid losing myself.”

Birth of A Showgirl

On July 28, 1974, Elizabeth Berkley was born in Farmington Hills, Michigan. She was a girl full of ambition who excelled in performing and dancing. When she was really young she appeared in a number of ballets and musicals and by the time she was 11, she joined Actors’ Equity Association, which was a labor union for performers. At 13, she landed a modeling contract in New York , then two years later in 1989, she was to land the role that was destined to be the milestone of her identity. Her work on “Saved By the Bell”, the high school themed sitcom, catapulted Berkley it fame. The popular show ended its run in 1993 but she continued success by appearing in films. In 1995, Berkley appeared in her first headlining major motion picture “Showgirls”.  Showgirls was to be the big break into A-list status for her but the film was lauded by every major critic from A-Z and the criticism surrounding the film was a major setback for Elizabeth. She then decided to take a hiatus and attend the University of California to pursue an English literature degree, aka “Look everybody, I’m actually smart”.
Appearing like she wasn’t to become the next Jane Austen, she decided to get back into film with 96’s “First Wives Club” and “Any Given Sunday” in 1999. She continued to appear on television through to the late 2000’s, then decided maybe the best thing to do would be to marry Ralph Lauren’s Nephew “Greg”, thus creating a happily ever after.

Saved By the Knife

Elizabeth Berkley is a naturally beautiful woman. She is only 40 but certain genes and years in show business can push the age fast-forward button on many people and it looks like she decided to get proactive and press the rewind button.
Rumors of cosmetic-idelity began when some people noticed some changes in her breast size, noting that she has gotten bigger upstairs however, citing it was done very well “leaving only cramped spaces in the bust area”. There were also indications of a major change in her nose with a more finer, sculpted and balanced look. Another highly noticable item is in her lips, the extra fullness is undeniable and more defined, noting that a likely lip augmentation or filler injection is highly possible.

Her face and it’s tone have been mentioned which may suggest a facelift was also done which signifies that Berkeley pulled out all the stops on this latest rendezvous with the surgeon. Let take a look at the likely suspects of procedures:

Under The Knife Points

  • Rhinoplasty
  • lip augmentation
  • Facelift
  • Breast augmentation
  • Botox injection or lip fillers
  • Possible chemical peel

Surgery Results

Elizabeth Berkley plastic surgery, seriously had some great work done, absolutely beautiful. She made a good choice in preserving her assets because when your career is running on fum…ahem…running at high speeds, it is a really good idea to invest money into your money maker.




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