Halle Berry Nose Job

Halle Berry Nose Job Before and After Photos

If you have recently seen the latest pictures of Halle Berry’s speculated nose job you would wonder why in the world would she have ever needed it. Berry has been in the news a little bit lately and except for the birth of her third child, the news has been no-so great we’ll say. This is a speculated Rhinoplasty that has been getting more coverage than the president as of late. So, did Halle Berry nose job really occur? Or is it the same-old show business that usually amounts to nothing?

“Beauty is not just physical.”

Photo’s of Berry have been popping up left and right these days, especially all over the net. Several of the older pictures date back onto the time when she participated in the 1986 Miss Universe pageant. This doesn’t really feel fair, only because it is well, close to thirty years ago and that maybe isn’t the best reference to compare to.

Youthful Vibrancy

Not to mention that but the public also was pretty curious as to how she maintains such a stellar figure in her 40’s? There has not been any shortages of rumors regarding Berry’s body and the overall youthful vibrancy that she maintains so well. Many of those people believe that plastic surgery was the cause but there are also several people out there who think that her look is nothing but all-natural goodness.

It was in 2007 that Halle Berry was posed a question by a publication where they had asked her if she has ever undergone any plastic surgery procedures. She replied by saying “not yet”. So that makes you wonder if she might have at least gotten the nose job in the recent times but it is still hard to tell.

If you compare her older photos with the photos that have been recently taken, it pretty much states that she more than likely has undergone at least one Rhinoplasty, maybe even two. The differences are really not hard to miss, her nose really appears a lot longer and it really shows us how much more prevalent it is now.

Big Differences

The tip of her nose shows signs of a new found pointiness that was never there before. Even though her 1986 pictures are a little on the vintage side, you can really spot the differences between now and then. There is no way that a persons can change like that in the course of a lifetime let alone 30 years.

The changes acquired have not done too much damage for Berry and in all honesty, they actually look pretty good on her. Her fans appear to be ok with it too, unlike some celebrities who become ridiculed over a procedure even though the work way has come out fine.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Rhinoplasty

Very Berry

Halle Berry nose job was a good work indeed, if it was employed in the first place. These changes that she required do however point to a certain reality that she most definitely had the Rhinoplasty acquired. She appears happy with the decision and it looks like it hasn’t hurt her career a bit.