Emma Watson Bra Size

Emma Watson Bra Size Before and After Photos

She has thrilled the world with her role in the “Harry Potter” series and a few other films and television appearances. Emma Watson has quite the sum of acting talent, more than most in her age bracket and even actors of an older generation. However, she gets much of the attention due to the radiant beauty that she possesses. So much in fact that some have even wondered if she just may have stopped by the plastic surgeon for a little nip and tuck action. What the public and especially the fans want to know is, how true is Emma Watson bra size? We will just have to find out in the following text now won’t we?

“My idea of sexy is that less is more. The less you reveal the more people can wonder. “

We have watched her grow up in the course of seven major blockbuster films in the Potter series, where she went from a little girl to what looks to be a full grown woman. Maybe this is the reason the public has such a keen eye on Watson’s so-called changes. These are the changes that took everybody by storm in their curiosity of whether or not she in fact did go under the knife.

Changes Overnight?

Her figure just seems to have gotten sexier and her bosom region especially seems to have taken form but these qualities have honestly looked to have happened literally overnight. Her breast are the main concern that the public has with her and the main reason why these speculations had even begun. It is just the way of the world and especially if you are in the spotlight, most times than not, a celebrity at some point in their career will have to face such matters. Her bra size is a 32B, her measurements are 32-23-34 and her height stands at a petite 5 foot 4 inches.

The rumors seem to began on the internet from what looks to be an independent, small time blogger who possibly didn’t have a whole lot of work on that particular day. From their her before and after pics began to surface then circulate virtually everywhere. Then of course, the gossip queens come out to roost and feed upon any negative energy that is directed at an attractive young actress.

No Revelations to Speak of

The before and after’s which were released with the sole intention of examining for plastic surgery evidence had revealed nothing really specific or that jumps out at you. Her breast looked to have only made the kind of changes that come with maturing and to think that these subtle changes had anything to do with plastic surgery would be entirely incorrect.

There has also been a few things that have come out regarding changes in her eye region. The word is that she may have received double eyelid surgery but once again, just like the breast augmentation, it is nothing but baseless rumors.

Under the Knife points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Breast Augmentation (rumors)
  • Double Eyelid Surgery (Rumors)

Nothing Here to See Folks

Emma Watson bra size failed to excite the senses, simply because that drama effect that so many of us love surrounding these types of stories was not there, even in the slightest. Come on Emma! We have to write about something here. Anyway, maybe she will have something good for us in the future but until then her page remains a blank one.