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Glenn Close Before and After Photos

Fatal Attraction To The Knife – Not so “Natural”

With ease and sans reservations, you can say that award winner Glenn Close is one of the finest actresses of the 20th century and the 21st for that matter. She resides on a short list of talents thus far produced in Tinseltown. Aside from the accolades of longevity in her career, Close has also been well known for her well sustained image of youth. What could that mean? Do you think? It is true folks, word of the ultimate knife inducing decision has bestowed upon one of our all times. Certainly, Glenn Close plastic surgery by all pictorial accounts looks possible. As we dig a little deeper, maybe some truths will be revealed.

“I don’t like public venues. I never know what to wear.”

One of The Greats

The great Glenn Close was born in Greenwich, Connecticut product of a family of prominence. Later on a the age of 22, she graduated from the College of William and Mary with a degree in theater and anthropology. During her time there she starred in a few plays that initiate the grand itch of the acting bug. Her stage career began in 1974 but the Close we all know didn’t begin her incline into stardom until 1982. Films like “Fatal Attraction”, “The Natural”, “Dangerous Liaison”s, “The world according to Garp” and the 80’s classic which gave birth to several great film careers “The Big Chill”. An interesting factoid about Close is that she is a current record holder of infamy due to receiving six academy award nominations without a single win.

Has She Become The Real “Norma Desmond?”

When dwelling on likely cosmetic surgery prospects, Glenn Close really seems like a crap-shoot in the possibilities, However this questionable item looks to be true. Even though Close has used the “healthy diet and exercise” and “positive mind” card as her excuses for eternal youth, there have been too many other suggestions that point in the opposite direction. Her face gives off a tight, frozen look with ultra-smooth pores. Then, a slight more than casual look to her nose reveals a pointed, upturned reshape. a major reduction of fine lines and wrinkles is of significant noting too. A surgeon unrelated to her was quoted as saying ” Glenn Close looks great and very natural, she doesn’t seem to have had a lot of work done” and that “the dermal injection filler work well on her”.

The Final Tally

Here’s what we know, it appears that close didn’t go hog wild with the surgeries, minimal at best. Is speculated that she has had Botox and a face-lift plus a chemical peel that was a few days prior to an award ceremony. So it seems that great actresses might be a little sacred after all.

A Close Call

In closes case, it honestly does appear she employs a healthy diet and exercise regimen, there are just elements in the face and skin that can only be altered by the presence of clean living and she has that. Yes, she may have slipped under the spell of the knife like so many before her but she’s Glenn Close right? Glenn Close plastic surgery should be a rite of passage. One thing is for certain, we don’t see the employed efforts of Mrs.Close too much these days but if a comeback is going to be poised for anybody, it’s got to be Glenn Close.