gwen stefani plastic surgery

Gwen Stefani Before and After Photos

Gwen Stefani is a celebrated American singer-songwriter. She is also a successful fashion designer and an actress. Her personal clothing line, L.A.M.B.D was launched in 2003 and is still a popular label in the fashion industry. Gwen’s music carrier dates back to the Eighties and Nineties when she was the lead vocalist of the band “No Doubt”. In 2004, she launched her first solo music album called “Love Angel Music Baby” which was widely popular, selling up to seven million copies worldwide. She has released two other albums since, all of which were also very popular.
Stefani is married to her long term husband Gavin Rossdale, and they have three children together.

“I’ve always been a girl who loves to dress up.”

Plastic surgery Speculations

Rumors have been around for years about Gwen’s plastic surgery. At 45, she looks rather young and beautiful, and a lot of changes have been seen on her face and body. The tone of her skin has improved almost in a flash. Her boobs have also been at the centre of speculation, with many people suspecting that she may have enhanced them. Her facial features have improved a lot too, as evidenced by pictures of her before and after.

The Facials

According to Dr. Anthony Youn, an authority in matters of plastic surgery, Gwen’s fantastic looks can only be as a result of plastic surgery. Dr. Youn thinks that she must have had some Botox injections into her forehead in order to make her forehead skin smoother and to clear the wrinkles. “She may also have done some Juverderm Voluma injections into her cheeks in order to make them look more full and plump.” He says. “Her nose also seems smaller and tenderer, and the tip of it appears to be sharper.” This, according to Dr. Youn is a sign of a possible Rhinoplasty.

Breast Enhancement

Critics convinced that Gwen Stefani’s boobs have been enhanced by a possible breast augmentation. Photo comparisons show a great increase in the size and the rounded shape of her boobs. In fact, earlier pictures of her show a very small breast size. Although these suspicions are not unfounded, it is quite possible that being a mother, she would have had her breasts growing without necessarily doing a plastic surgery. Furthermore, there is still a chance that she probably just wears breast cutlet inserts to enhance the look of her bust.

Stefani on Plastic Surgery

Stefani herself has not come out to confirm that she had gone “under the knife”. When asked about it, she just said that it was rather bizarre that one could “place an order on how they’d look.” She said that although people think about it very lightly, plastic surgery is a big deal.

Surgery Results

Anyone who looks at Gwen Stefani today would notice the difference in her face. She looks rather fresh for her age. In fact, she almost looks as young as the Gwen Stefani of “No Doubt”. Her facial features are brighter and gentler, with a skin-tone that is almost flawless. The boobs might well appear different, if you are very keen on observing them, but they are not overdone. Overall, she still looks very beautiful.