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Gina Gershon Before and After Photos

Gina Gershon & the Botox “Cocktail” – The Laws of Gravity

Gina Gershon’s rise to screen prominence was guided by the rum bottle flinging hands of Tom Cruise in the hit 1988 film “Cocktail”. Like many Hollywood players throughout the years, Gina had a period of blazing stardust that lit up the entirety of Tinseltown but as the great Sir Isaac Newton once coined “what goes up, must come down”. The beautiful Gershon still remains relatively active in the film industry just not quite on the same grandiose scale. So, in this lesson we learn that nothing really ever defies those laws of gravity, the one thing that thing clearly came down on Miss. Gershon is Hollywood’s favorite youth wielding knife of the plastico. Gina Gershon Plastic surgery is of the obvious but we still love her and that’s all that really matters.

“I think smart is sexy. I like smart people. People that are comfortable with themselves I think is very sexy. My cat is really sexy.”

Slick Willy Was A Fan

Born June 10th, 1962, Gina Gershon was born to a family of middle class means in the suburbs of Los Angeles. After finishing high school in 1980, she went on to attend Emerson College in Boston then she transferred to and graduated from New York University. She attended some theatrical classes which led to a few appearances on Broadway. She broke into film with the help of her starring role in one of the videos of the 80’s seminal rock band “The Cars”. One thing led to another and Gershon found herself an A-list occupant starring in blockbusters with John Travolta, Nicolas Cage, the aforementioned Tom Cruise and many others. Something of an oddity is that Gershon was romantically linked to former president Bill Clinton in just what amounted to a footnote in the mans long fabled list of indiscretions.

Let’s Put A Smile on That Face

Gina has that face, you know the one. Although many find her latest look to be of the natural sort, it just speaks common sense to acknowledge the traits that say “girl got some work done”. To start, the inner perimeter of her face looks tightened and artificially proportioned. Her nose looks visibly thinner with the obvious raising of the bridge. Her eyes now appear wider mixed in with a new look of freshness and youth. Some Einstein’s across the web have noted that she “may have gotten work done in an attempt to recapture the youthful look she had years ago”…huh? All in all, even though quite it’s the work is quite apparent, Miss.Gershon scores high marks and a pat on the back to her surgeon, her Hollywood lease extension is officially signed.
The actually work at play here appears to be facial Botox injections with additional capable filler injections. There are definite signs of a successful Rhinoplasty, her nose just looks more balanced on her face. Then evidence of an unquestionable eyelid lift is there along with a possible forehead injection of dermal filler, paving the way to make it look much tighter and refined.

On The Brighter Side of The Crapshoot

Gina Gershon still has some years to rock out a comeback of the ages and having spent a little quality time under the knife, those possibilities and aspirations materialize just a little bit more. Trying to keeping that Hollywood dream alive is a simple role of the dice, some roll snake eyes while others lose their savings. This is the sure thing though, Gina Gershon plastic surgery rolled snake eyes and for that she can be “eternally” grateful.