geena davis plastic surgery

Geena Davis Before and After Photos

Virginia “Geena” Davis is, without a doubt, one of the most prolific Hollywood stars of all time. Born in 1956, Geena Davis has had an illustrious star life, winning an Academy award for Best supporting Actress in 1988, for her role in the movie “Accidental Tourist”. She also won the Golden Globe award for best actress in 2005 for the series, “Commander In Chief”. Geena is also a successful producer, a Women activist and a writer. But perhaps she is best remembered as a superstar archer, being an Olympics women’s team Archery semi finalist in the year 1999. Geena was married four times, to four different men. She married her fourth husband, Reza Jarahy in 2001, and they have three children together.

“If you risk nothing, then you risk everything.”

Plastic Surgery Speculations

At the age of 56, Geena Davis seems to look much younger than any average woman of her age. No traces of wrinkles, and a seemingly bright face. This has been the subject of a lot of Rumors and speculation about the possibility that she might have had some plastic surgery to enhance her beauty.

The Facials

Observers say that Davis’ looks hints at possible lip injections. Lip injections, also known as lip fillers, are procedures made to enlarge a woman’s lips and make them look fuller. Her bright-looking face might be a result of a face-lift operation, which seems to have removed any traces of wrinkles or a sagging skin. Often, a facelift would be accompanied by a Botox operation, to clear off any marks on the face and to ensure a smooth, bright and wrinkle-less skin. Davis’ super-smooth complexion seems to lend credence to this suspicion.

Geena Davis’ Eyes and Nose

There is also some talk about eyelid surgery, Although some say that a facelift operation would have done just fine without the eyelid job. Also, Her subtle nose seems, according to some experts, a bit out of place. And there is a chance that Davis might have done a Rhinoplasty operation.

Geena’s Reactions

Geena Davis herself has chosen to deny all these allegations, brushing off questions concerning her ever-youthful looks. But that has not slowed the down the rumors at all. If anything, it seems to fuel the rumors even further. And perhaps the most interesting part of it is that her fourth and current husband, Reeza Jarahy, is actually a plastic surgeon. This, according to speculators, is a question of simple logic: What is the point of staying married to a plastic Surgeon if you are not going to make use of his expertise?

Surgery Results

In all fairness, though, Geena does look really stunning for her age. If indeed she has done all those surgical procedures, then we can say that Plastic Surgery is really working for her. Her lips are full, very subtly, and her eyes and face glowing and overall she looks glamorous. Looking at her face, there is not the slightest hint of wrinkles, and certainly no sign of sagging skin.