Gia Allemand Plastic Surgery

Gia Allemand Before and After Photos

She was an American actress and model, Gia Allerman, was mostly well known for her appearances on, “The Bachelor.” The show catapulted her into a relative amount of fame, which in turn helped her obtain appearances in Maxim Magazine among several other forms of large publication media. Her unique beauty was first rate but she had the disposition of a very low self-esteem and dealt with a considerable amount of complexes within her short life. Suicide would be the act in which would take the life of Gia Allerman and it is hard to determine whether or not Gia Allemand plastic surgery, had anything to do with it.

The months and days leading up to Allemand’s death, there had been speculations of drug abuse but during that same time period, there was also word over whether or not she had received any cosmetic procedural work before she had passed.

The Surgeon of the Cool Chicks

The way the story goes, it sounded like Allerman went and utilized a plastic surgeon which all of the young woman of the Hollywood area appear to frequent the most, who is essentially well-loved and highly skilled.

The speculations were indeed a response to the increasingly noticeable changes which appeared to take form in Allerman at the very height of her peak. When one reaches a certain level of celebrity, the eyes begin to examine every move they make and tend to turn their attentions to the excesses in which the famous individuals in question partake in, whether it be purchasing a villa in Spain or acquiring the uses of plastic surgery. In Alderman’s case the subject happens to be the latter.

One of the procedures in question is a breast augmentation. Looking at her befores and afters, the presence of her breast appeared to become noticeably enlarged. The perkiness and the volume have both been increased to a certain degree but the overall look is what is very impressive here. The procedure was done in the midst of highly capable hands and it is easy to see that the surgeon’s reputation is certainly warranted and deserves the accolades received by the trendy set of fans.

She Knew Where to Acquire Good Work

The next procedure on the list is the Rhinoplasty. The nose on Gia in the before pics show a slight puffiness and odd angling that now, judging by the more contemporary pics has been straightened and thinned out in the according fashion. The Rhinoplasty done here isn’t quite on par with the breast augmentation.

Her lips look to have clearly gotten the attention of a Botox injection. They have the plumpness, firmness and the steady signs which accompany the typical Botox inducement. They have been what appears to be lengthened and almost stretched but the look is decent and not unappealing per say but at the same time, a masterpiece it is not.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Breast Augmentation
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Botox Injection


Gia Allemand plastic surgery is a matter which doesn’t come easy to discuss, in light of her tragic passing, but when considering the procedures done as a singular subject, the work was above average. Considering she wasn’t a A-lister or a top celebrity, the work was impressive. Most times that quality of work is acquired by the mega-rich and famous and her ties to such a surgeon are not known. In the end may she rest in peace and find happiness in the afterlife.