Gillian Anderson Plastic Surgery

Gillian Anderson Before and After Photos

What a talent, Gillian Anderson has that certainly something, a calm demeanor and an energy that is just dying to boil over but somehow she refrains. As charismatic and sensible as she appears to be, on and off the screen, most women, if not all, fear aging and letting go of that youthful beauty that claimed them a nice prize at some point in their life. For Gillian, her prize was stardom and a full-time gig in Tinseltown. Gillian Anderson plastic surgery is what appears to be working full time these days and thanks to a public who constantly seeks gossip, that job has been getting some OT lately.

“Just remember, you can do anything you set your mind to, but it takes action, perseverance, and facing your fears.”

A little Background

Born in Chicago, August 9, 1968, Gillian Anderson shot to stardom with her widely acclaimed role in the hit TV show “X-Files”, which eventually hit cult-status. Her presence, along with her co-star, David Duchovny, went on to break records and maybe the acclaim has slowed down some but it is still keeps pretty relevant presence. She went on to win a Screen Actors Guild Award along with an Emmy and it comes with great ease to say that Anderson’s name will hold up in the onset of time, her face, that seems to be a different story.

Public figures within the entertainment industry want to look as perfect as they can, after all it is a job requirement and Gillian isn’t excluded from that territory of the job. Most of them will do just about anything to remain that quintessential look that got them there in the first place. What tops the list of those anything’s is plastic surgery and for some, lots of it.

Return from Hiatus

The public caught on to Anderson rather quickly, when after a little bit of a sabbatical from the spotlight, she resurfaced at a movie premier. Nothing was said at the premiere or to her personally but a few days can do a whole lot and after a few days post-premiere, Gillian was dead center fodder of a speculation extravaganza, which had been catapulted by a local Hollywood blogger.

He noted that the befores and afters specifically showed signs of Botox, the use of restylane in her forehead and he also stated that her eyes had appeared to get a little attention as well. Looking over those recent before and after pic’s, the blogger may have been on to a few things because you can clearly see some changes had taken place.

Her lips for one thing, looked like they had been enlarged with Botox, as he wrote and they also appeared to be vaguely thinned out on the edges and at both ends. The presumed surgery looks like it had been carried out and done in an orthodox way.

A New Gill

Her forehead showed a new tightness and an elimination of wrinkles that were present just prior to her sabbatical. The edges slightly appear to be pulled over a bit but just like the Botox, the job was done correctly without any signs of error.

Her eyes seem visibly narrowed but this one is hard to call if she indeed had gotten a blepharoplasty or not but if one had to guess the answer would likely be a yes. Surgeons who know Anderson personally have implied that the rumors are all false but even at first glance, it really appears to be the other way around.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Botox
  • Restylane injection in the forehead
  • Blepharoplasty

The “File” is Closed

Gillian Anderson plastic surgery if it had taken place, was done in a very professional manner and a skilled hand as obviously employed. She certainly looks a lot younger than she has in recent years, which could mean a quality diet and exercise were incorporated into her life but it is hard to tell one way or the other. She looks great, so I guess that is all what really matters.