Frances Bean Cobain Plastic Surgery

Frances Bean Cobain Before and After Photos

Her father is a late legend Kurt Cobain, her mother is Courtney Love. Honestly though, whoever thought that the famous only child of that couple would be the recipient of several various plastic surgeries? It looks to be true. Frances Bean Cobain plastic surgery sounds to be like a story when the daughter picks up bad habits from her mother, this case being a possible plastic surgery addiction.

“We’ve moved so much, and my life has been so inconsistent.”

The young Cobain who, at only at 21, made the media circuit when speculations over alleged plastic surgery were kicked-off at Facebook and from there, the story has looked to have snowballed into quite the frenzy which has several music lovers and style fanatics at full curiosity. Cobain has been very quiet when confronted and there looks to be no signs of that changing anytime soon.The speculations came forth when some recognized changes in her before and after pics.

New Lips

One of the most noteworthy changes look to be coming in the form of lip fillers. Her lips definitely do look a lot plumper than they previously have and to make lips that full, there is only one way to pull that off. The fact is that she had lost a whole lot of weight as well, so even though it was only her lips, there should have been less mass on the body than more. They look like they have received a quality work though.

It looks as though Cobain hasn’t only focused on the new set of lips either, Many are saying that she has indeed looked to have added cheek fillers as well. Doesn’t it really make you wonder at all as to why such a young woman would need to have so many procedures done, even any for that matter.This one especially typically gets done by woman who are in more of the midlife age range and certainly not 21.

Check Out the New Cheeks

The surgery itself is a rather new procedure which takes away the wrinkles in the cheek area and wrinkles is far from what Cobain had originally but it still doesn’t look bad though. She did happen to lose quite a bit of weight, as stated above, so it makes you wonder if maybe she maybe if she had the cheek fillers employed as a result of that.

Her nose looks to have received stellar work as a result of the suspected Rhinoplasty. The nose really does look like the entire body of it has taken on a new form. It really looks like the work of a highly professional surgeon who knew exactly what he was doing. Even in 2011, it was an interview for which Courtney Love stated that her daughter had not done any plastic surgeries at all but it looks to be like it was definitely the opposite.

Under the Knife Points: The Plastic Surgery Checklist

  • Botox Injections
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Cheek Filler

Insane for Cobain

Frances Bean Cobain plastic surgery looks to be unneeded but in the end it looks overall pretty decent. Courtney Love’s influence has certainly made an impression on young Francis Bean and that isn’t always the best habit to press on to a child. Hopefully she can leave it at these right here and call it good, otherwise she will eventually manifest into Courtney no doubt.