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Clay Aiken Before and After Photos

Clayton “Clay” Holmes Aiken is a popular American musician, who is best known as the runner up in the second season of the Reality TV show, “American Idol”, in the year 2003. He is also a Television star; a movie and TV series actor; author of a New York Times bestselling book, and a political activist. Most recently, Clay has been involved in active politics, and is currently the Democratic Party nominee vying for the Congressional elections in North Carolina. Clay has had an illustrious carrier in show business, spanning more than a decade, with multiple music albums recorded with RCA Records and later Decca records. He has appeared in several talk shows, including the famous Tonight Show. He has also worked as a UNICEF Ambassador and in the Presidential Committee for People with Intellectual Disabilities.
Clay Aiken publicly declared he’s gay during an interview in 2009, following years of speculation. He has a son with Jaymes Foster, who he calls a “friend.”

“I know that I’ve got big ears and a big forehead and that my hair sticks up. But I’m happy with myself. I’m not necessarily trying to win a beauty pageant here.”

Plastic Surgery Speculation

Clay Aiken plastic surgery speculations have been very hot in the celebrity grapevine. Apparently, the celebrity-turned-politician has emerged with a drastically changed look. This has sparked suspicions about the celebrity having gone “under the knife” to enhance his looks. Changes in the appearance of his facial features are quite conspicuous; and for most pundits, there is a good reason to suspect some cosmetic surgery.

Clay Aiken’s Ears, Nose and Eyes

An Otoplasty is among the many surgeries he is suspected of having undergone. An otoplasty is an ear operation, meant to re-size someone’s ear in sync with the shape of the head and the face. His ears were much bigger and wider and now it seems they have been reduced and re-sized. His eyes also seem to have been widened a little, probably as a result of an eyelid Surgery, known as Blepharoplasty. Rhinoplasty has also been suggested, given the apparent change in the shape and size of Clay’s nose. It is however not easy to make a conclusive judgment on Rhinoplasty just from the before and after photos. A number of factors have to be considered, including the lighting and the angle of the photos.

Jaw Uplift

There is also an indication that Clay might have done some work on his chin. It seems possible that he might have done some Jaw uplift. His latest pictures reveal that his jaw is a lot bigger and higher. However, some observers have said that this may not necessarily be as a result of plastic surgery. Having been away from the limelight for a good number of years, there is a chance that the celebrity might just have added some weight over the years. And that’s probably why he looks a bit chubby and round.

Clay’s Confession

After a lot of speculation, Clay actually came out and made a public statement, confessing that he had done some plastic surgery on himself. Speaking in an Interview, he admitted that he underwent a Jaw operation for “The TMJ thing”.
He added, jokingly that “I was like, while I am still down, go ahead and…suck the fat out of my chin.”
But as expected, that confession didn’t seem enough for many commentators. Many have come out saying that there is actually more to his new looks than what he casually confessed.

Surgery results on Clay’s looks

Still, Clay does look alright in the aftermath of the surgery. There are some signs of the surgery on his face, especially if you have seen him well before the surgery. His jaw is larger and his ears look smaller than before. But he is not a mess. In fact he looks somewhat better. And certainly he doesn’t look too plastic.



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