Farrah Abraham Plastic Surgery

Farrah Abraham Before and After Photos

For those of you out there who have seen the popular television shows,“16 and Pregnant” and “Teen Mom”, you should then know very well who Farrah Abraham is. Abraham is the lead star of the popular reality series, which deals with the life of a young girl who is living with the pressures and struggles of becoming a teen mother. Because of the notoriety, she has become a star, an author as well a having the opportunity to promote her own brand of music. This story however deals with Farrah Abraham plastic surgery and in turn, how she deals with it.

A Little Backstory

Farrah Abraham was born and raised in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Her age is 23 years old but during the time she was starred in the popular reality series, she was literally sixteen and pregnant. Recently, tragedy struck her husband and the father of her child, when he was killed in a horrific car wreck, only two months prior to the birth of their second child.

The other relatively sad thing is that not too much further after the death of her husband, speculations began doing what they do, in regards to Abraham presumably undergoing plastic surgery procedures. The honest question at hand is, during such a majorly adverse time, did Farrah Abraham pursue cosmetic surgery to enrich her opportunities for stardom with the reality genre?

There are plenty of sources which claim that Farrah had been very eager to re-emerge back into the industry again and even though she had never mentioned plastic surgery, you would have to assume that the young woman may have done just exactly that to simply appear more camera ready and draw interest from the studios.

A Selfie Finds It’s Way Online

Some of the speculations have mentioned Abraham undergoing a Rhinoplasty and then there have been some which have mentioned Botox lip injections and even a breast augmentation as well. Recently a picture of Farrah hit the web in a blazing fury and the contents of the photo is Abraham taking a selfie which is clearly focused on her lips and by the look of her lips, they have clearly had some work done to them.

The work on her nose has shown considerable changes as well, the actual procedure itself, by the mere looks of it appears as if it may have costed a pretty penny. The appearance of her nose prior to the assumed Rhinoplasty, had a much stouter, almost bulbous look to it and it really does appear like the surgeon had completed plenty of changes in the various areas of the nose.

Finally, her supposed breast augmentation looks to be of fact. Her breast give off a much heftier and voluptuous appearance. One of the most interesting points to be made is the natural appeal in which they have turned out. It doesn’t happen everyday when augmented breast have such an overwhelmingly organic quality and also that the procedure was done is such a professional matters to which it absolutely astonishes a well educated, cosmetically experienced eye.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Botox Injections
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Breast Augmentation

Should have Saved Your Money, You’re Gonna Need It

Farrah Abraham plastic surgery, if whether or not it was a plea to find herself back on the small screen or just a way to enhance her already youthful beauty, the work in itself was expertly crafted and completely done with fine precision. For an individual who exist outside of the A-list crowd, it humbly surprises to see results like this from a procedure.