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Elizabeth Banks Before and After Photos

Bet the Banks She Did

Elizabeth Banks is the real deal, she is ssssmokin’ baby. Many of the laddie bucks out there can attest to that, it’s no joking matter. She is actually a decent actress as well, having some good star turns in recent memory. There also may be some reason to believe that ol’ Liz there may have made a deal with the knife, just so she can embark on a few more years of this amazing career she has today. Elizabeth Banks plastic surgery is about when an actress will do all that is needed, to step up and shine ever so brightly into the limelight. Join us…won’t you.

“When you live in a leading lady’s body, which I do, you have to constantly prove that you are funny.”


Born on February 10, 1974, in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, Elizabeth Banks had a childhood enjoying the outdoors and keeping active. She loved playing sports but in high school, while playing baseball, she slid into a base and broke her leg.
The injury sidelined her away from sports and rallied her into an interest in drama, having a fondness for the teamwork and camaraderie in performance. Banks attended the University of Florida and eventually earning her a BA in theater.
She lived in New York for a time and while she was there, she appeared on some television shows like “Sex in the City” and “Third Watch”.
Her film debut came in 2000 with the film “Surrender Dorothy” and then the remake of “Shaft.” She finally made the leap to Los Angeles and in turn she would star in some massive films that were spread across the board.
She would end up starring in films like “Spiderman” in 2002, and a year later “Catch me if you can.” Other notable roles came in the form of the hilarious “40 year old virgin” “Meet Bill” “Invincible” “Definitely,Maybe” and the next two Spider Man films that sealed up the franchise.
Liz is still working’ her magic and rockin’ that beauty out for the whole world to see. Her turns in the “Hunger Games” series have breathed even more life into her already stellar career.

About a Nose and a Knife

Now, if it was heard loud enough and correctly, it would seem that Mrs. Banks might have said something a little in the derogatory vain against our good ol’ pal the knife. She said something like maybe, “not a fan of plastic surgery.” well, that doesn’t sound right, after all, word may have it that she may have gone against her unfandom.
People through the wonders of the grapevine have mentioned a few changes in her nose. They cited that after further review of some before and after pics that the ol’ gal definitely got the schnoz got worked on. It showed some changes with the nasal passage, noting that it is slimmer and finer than it ever has been, even compared to last year.
Also, that her nostril area looks more refined and a slightly pointier. Something’s gotta give with such a quick change by in which Mrs. Banks has done to her bad self.

Under the Knife Points: The Plastic Surgery Checklist

  • Rhinoplasty(Questionable)

No Word From the Banks

Nobody on her side have made any comments of the sort, so that doesn’t exactly really say anything but, with the stink that has been made, you might think there would be a little opposition, just for the plain fact of clearing her name.
Anyhoo, Elizabeth Banks plastic surgery, if it actually occurred, was a success of the highest order and a true accomplishment for whomever doc was employed. Girl, regardless of any nose job, you still got years ahead of her and some dang fine years to boot.




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