Eileen Davidson plastic surgery

Eileen Davidson Before and After Photos

Born on June 15, 1959 in Artesia, California, Eileen Davidson is the daughter of Charlotte and Richard Davidson. She is an American actress and a former model who also writes on the side. Davidson is popular for her interesting soap opera roles in television shows such as The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful. Her most successful role to date is on Days of Our Lives as Kristen Dimera where she was the second actress to date to win the Daytime Emmy Awards as Lead Actress for a soap opera.
At 55 years old, Eileen Davidson managed to still look like she’s just in her late 30s or early 40s. In fact, if you compare her pictures from before and today, it would seem that her physical appearance barely changed. Yes, there are wrinkles and some slight signs of aging but overall, she looks radiant in her interviews and especially in her role as Kristen DiMera on NBC’s popular soap opera, Days of Our Lives. Add to that the fact that she has a fabulous and gorgeous physique which she probably continuously worked hard for and you have one sexy lady at over 50 years old.
Seeing that she lives in a crazy world that is Hollywood, rumors are inevitable. When you’re over 50 and you’re still looking good in Hollywood, rumors of surgical enhancement are going to arise. Some so-called trusted “sources” reveal that Eileen Davidson actually went through plastic surgery. Speculations are then backed up by some though quite questionable before and after pictures found on the web.

Facelift Rumors

One of the most persistent rumors hounding the actress has something to do with a facelift procedure. Some say that she had her face lifted to deal with her sagging facial skin. Some of her recent photos show a toned, tight and lifted face which means that there might be some ounce of truth to the rumors. Unlike other actresses who were confirmed to have gone through facelifts, however, Eileen Davidson’s face still look very natural. Either she had a really excellent procedure or the rumors were exactly what they were – rumors.

Botox Rumors

In addition to the facelift rumors, persistent stories about her Botox treatment also made the rounds online. Some say she goes through the treatment regularly in order to get ahold of the wrinkles more effectively. Botox especially helps make her face look elastic not to mention that the procedure also gets rid of frown lines. Just look at her forehead a bit more closely and you’ll notice that it looks smooth and almost wrinkle-free too. So whether the rumors are true or not, Eileen Davidson is in a good place at least physically. She looks great and no one will really suspect that she went under the knife for the sake of beauty.

Eileen Davidson Reaction to Rumors

As a Hollywood star, Eileen Davidson is probably used to speculations, rumors and criticisms especially when it comes to her looks. Most if not all women, after all, seek to look beautiful and perfect if possible no matter what age and plastic surgeries such as facelifts, nose lifts and beauty treatments such as Botox are available as solutions that guarantee immediate results. So if Eileen Davidson did go under the knife, there’s nothing wrong about it really. Others have done it and she has the right to do what she wants with her own face.
Considering that the results were pretty awesome, she had nothing to lose but everything to gain. But when asked about the plastic surgery rumors in some of her interviews, however, Eileen Davidson vehemently denies ever going under the knife. True or not, she looks great in any case.




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