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I Sawyer First

Simply one of the biggest names in broadcasting, Diane Sawyer has created a legacy one report at a time. She’s beautiful, intelligent and has a distinguished voice that can be recognized all over ther world. Diane Sawyer plastic surgery brings Diane to the crossroads of mortality and age. Is there really anywhere to run or does the clock run out no matter how desperately you try to elude it’s fate? Let’s peek into her world and find the answer to these long posed questions.

“Follow what you are genuinely passionate about and let that guide you to your destination.”


Born in Glasgow, Kentucky on December 22, 1945, Diane Sawyer grew up the daughter of a judge and a teacher. Her journalistic roots were discovered during high school when she became the editor and chief of a local newspaper. Her beauty was even discovered, when she won the Junior Miss. Scholarship Pageant. She graduated college in ’67, with a BA in English, then she attended law school before looking the other direction at a career in journalism.
Early on in her career she became a weather reporter, however she found the work rather boring so she took a job within the company as an assignment reporter. Later on she moved to DC to be a broadcast analyst, reporting for the white house and other events closely tied to the president.
Before you knew it, Diane moved on to some really big time News programs on various major networks. She would be a vital component of news shows like 60 minutes, Primetime, Today and Good morning America. Diane Sawyer has essentially sealed her legacy, even though she continues to work full time on CBS to this current day. If there was ever a Mount Rushmore of female broadcasting journalist, Diane sawyer would have a guaranteed spot with a few other illustrious women reporters.

A Nose Always Nose

The clock ran, it never stopped, pushing Diane to the brink, she wondered where to go or what to do. Apparently, something eventually gave in and Diane found herself within the shadow of the knife, surrounded and cloaked into the the grasp of artificial youth and some took notice.
Unsure Of the exact day, diane showed back up, resuming her routine in the spotlight. There were a few comments made when the public laid it’s eyes on her. There was mentioning of a couple things, things that stood out, one of them was the skin of her face.
There most certainly was a major change in the amount of wrinkles on her face, she easily could have been 20 years younger and there is only one cause of such a drastic shift in appearance. Judging by the lack of wrinkles in her forehead perimeter and eyes and virtually all around, it looks like the case of the Botox for sure.
Other comments came and went, her nose was a real attention seeker. Throughout her career if any feature of dianne’s stood out, it would have to of been her nose. It used to have a more robust, slightly swollen appearance to it and now, miraculously, basically shrank. Her nose does look good however but it must be said that Dianes volume change in her nose is more than likely due to plastic surgery.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Botox Injections (face)
  • Rhinoplasty

A Timeless Smile

Diane Sawyer plastic surgery went rather well, albeit maybe a little alarming. When a face that you see everyday, for years, all of a sudden changes in the blink of an eye, it’s off-putting regardless of the outcome. She looked pretty fine though and her surgeon did an A-1 job on the old gal.




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