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Cannon Doll

The versatile, frizzy haired blonde beauty of an actress has quietly become an icon in her own way. Even though now her role in life is to simply look her best when she sits courtside at Lakers games, Dyan Cannon has created a vital place among the elite of Tinseltown. She was known to have been a consummate professional with a grit for hard work and a talent that wouldn’t quit. Dyan Cannon plastic surgery is all about when this ex A-lister searches for meaning and the ways to time travel, once again becoming the face of more productive, happier time…..let’s join her.

“Being born again means you have a new concept of yourself.”


Born on January 4, 1937, in the state of Washington, Dyan Cannon busted out on the Hollywood scene in 1960 with the film “The Rise and Fall of Legs Diamond.” Dyan really found the true definition of Fame with the original “Pink Panther” series and also, one of her bigger items of notoriety is in her past marriage to one of the greatest film stars of all-time, Cary Grant.
She has kept a pretty good stance in Hollywood throughout the years, even without her presence of actually working there. Still, one of the venerable greats of the cinema and of simply celebrity.

Ain’t Lyin’, Look at Dyan

It really seems as a whole, that the bulk of Hollywood actresses fear the “R” word…retirement. There must be a way to stave off this cruel fear that constantly plagues their minds, in the light of their waking hours and even sometimes in the darkness of heavy sleep, the bitter, celestial thought laughably prancing throughout the landscapes of their dreams..taunting.
Plastic surgery is the answer for most and honestly, in the long term, that is really all there is. Judging by some of the speculations that whispered quietly among the little townies, is that Mrs. Cannon was looking a little different these days, a little younger and a little..well, younger….ok, they thought she might have gotten plastic surgery…you happy?
It was hardly any reason to blame them, this chick is 77 years old and now she is prancing around town like she is 40. One thing that was said of Cannon, is that she definitely had gotten a liposuction done, eliminating all the saggy fat deposits in that 77 year old body. You should see some of her latest photos as well, miniskirts and short tops, she surely got work done.
Then if you look at her face you can see the evident signs that she more than likely had facial reconstructive surgery. Her face looks as if it was pulled back and then chiseled on the sides and cheek area. The old broad apparently had gone to get the works done, looks decent though..give her that.
Also as aforementioned of the cheek area, it really looks as if she may have very well have gotten dermal fillers and even botox for her lips. There is more at work than a basic facelift, too many elements are pointing in the direction of fillers.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Facial Reconstruction
  • Liposuction
  • Botox
  • Dermal Fillers

Dyan Really Hard to Stay Young

If you take in account her age, Dyan Cannon plastic surgery was actually done with precision and with a definitive know-how. Hey, this chick still wants to be a Hollywood player, yo and she aims to pay some top dollar action to see it fit. Eh, listen man, Dyan Cannon is the boss, truly one of the greatest living legends of the screen and red carpet, let that girl do whatever the heck she pleases.